TMI Tuesday: March 28, 2017

1. What question about sex do you find hard to ask your partner?

I honestly can’t imagine any question I’d find hard or be uncomfortable asking. I’ve always been very open sexually.

2. What question about sex do you find hard to ask anyone?

Again I honestly can’t think of anything I’d find hard to ask.

3. Sexually, what are your favorite things to do?

Well apart from the those things I’ve mentioned in question 4, I guess my favourite sexual thing would most likely be cunnilingus. It’s something I never tire of.

4. Name 3 things that most excite your imagination when you imagine doing them?

Knife play, rope bondage and impact play are always absolutely guaranteed to set my mind on fire. 

5. In how many countries have you had sexual relations?

I’m not too well travelled so just two, the UK and Spain.

Bonus: Describe your ideal sex partner.

Someone with a rather vivid and filthy imagination is a must. A libido somewhere near equal to mine. Very few limits would be helpful too. Extreme patience in dealing with me! Oh yeah, and curvy is a definite winner😏

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TMI Tuesday: March 7, 2017

1. Which of these are you most often guilty of in a relationship:

a. jealousy
b. not apologizing
c. not keeping your word
d. guilt trips

A, C and D are things that I never do. I suppose it would have to be B. That’s not to say I don’t apologise because I do but I could probably be more forthcoming at times.

2. Which of the following behaviors would annoy you most in a partner.
a. fishing for compliments by verbalizing self-doubt
b. passive-aggressive behavior
c. usually forgets important dates i.e., birthday, anniversary
d. making you feel guilty when spending time with friends

I don’t usually get annoyed with other people, I tend to save that for myself! D I’ve never experienced, C really doesn’t bother me nor does B. I suppose A could be annoying if it was a constant thing.

3. Consider you are looking for a mate, rank these traits in order of importance, with 1 being most important, and 7 being least important.
3 Kindness
1 Honesty
6 Ambitious
5 Confidence
4 Reliable
7 Assertive
2 Sense of Humor

4. Score! You exchanged numbers with a hottie. Now you: (pick one)
a. Wait for a week, see if that person calls you first.
b. Call the next day if not sooner.
c. Call and text incessantly. Let them know they’ve made an impression.
d. You’d never call. What if you get rejected?

Probably B. Life is way too short to wait or to play games.

5. How did you handle your last relationship break up?
a. You’ve never been in a relationship before. The timing’s never been right.
b. You went out and got drunk every night, until you forgot everything.
c. You went out on a massive amount of date, even with people you knew you had no interest, making sure to date a new face every night.
d. You felt bad and cried, but bounced back in a couple of days.

B. This goes for most problems in life. When the going gets tough, the tough get drunk!

Bonus: Would you take a holiday all by yourself, at the ‘spur of the moment’? Why or Why not? Where would you go?

I don’t often take holidays if I’m honest but I wouldn’t have any problem taking a holiday on my own. I have been known to disappear into the north west highlands of Scotland for a couple of days on my own just for the peace and solitude.

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TMI Tuesday: Feb 7, 2017

Pick one and explain.

1. Would you rather have a real-life, actually working light saber or Wolverine’s claws?

A total no-brainer for me, a light saver every time. I’ve wanted one since I was a small kid and saw Star Wars for the very first time. What colour? Well as someone on the dark side then it’s got to be Darth Vader’s red one. I may even have just made the sound as I was writing this🙈

2. Would you rather watch all episodes of old time TV show Ultra-man or all episodes of the original Power Rangers?

I’ve never seen any of those shows. 

3. Would you rather do 3 minutes of planks or run a half-mile?

I never did try planking. I’ve got pretty strong arms and shoulders but I reckon I’d go for the running. I could do a half-mile run without breaking much sweat.

4. Would your rather bite all your significant other’s toenails or shave your head?

I’m rather fond of my hair and there’s no power on heaven and earth that could make me shave it off. Not a huge feet fan to be honest but I’d have no problem biting.

5. Which can you do better, give oral sex or finger/hand-job?

Tricky. I’m probably not best placed to answer this one! I have pretty strong and nimble fingers through years of bass playing. I’d probably say oral though. Mostly because it’s something that I particularly enjoy doing.

6. Do you prefer to be on top or bottom, for missionary style sex?

Definitely on top. It’s a rare occasion I’m underneath as I like to be very much in control.

Bonus: This week’s bonus question courtesy of Nero – “Have you ever masturbated to your own blog?”

Oh god no! It would be just too weird I think. Despite what some may think I’m not that narcissistic.

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TMI Tuesday: January 24, 2017

1. At work, what sets you apart from others?

I don’t think there is anything. I’m just another cog in the machine.

2. When it comes to sex appeal, what sets you apart from others?

That’s a tricky one to answer. For the most part I’ve never really thought of myself as having a great deal of sex appeal! I suppose I do have quite a sexy mind so I’d say that.

3. What are the big imbalances in your life?

My intentions are sometimes bigger than my ability. I have to remind myself that I can’t save the world even when I want to.

4. What is it that your family and close friends cannot do that only you can do?

I honestly don’t have an answer to this one. I can’t think of any unique skills I have.

5. Are you flexible enough?

Not even slightly! Completely rigid and immovable on most things.

Bonus: What was the best news you received in 2016?

2016 was kinda short on good news to be honest. I met some amazing people so I guess that would probably be the highlight.

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TMI Tuesday- January 17, 2017

If thisif that

1. If you were forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?

“Warning, largely inert but may react when in the vicinity of strong drink or feisty women”

2. If you were a Sesame Street character, which one would you be?

Oscar the grouch. Hairy, grumpy and anti social.

3. If you could have an endless supply of a candy or baked good, what would you get?

An endless supply of jars of nutella……hell yeah!

4. Who is your favorite villain? Why?

Definitely Darth Vader without a doubt. Plenty of powers to use inappropriately and decent outfit too.

5. Are you more in tune with sunrise, daytime, sunset or nighttime?

I am definitely not a morning person! Sunset can be nice but for me it’s got to be night time. I always feel most at home and find peace in darkness.

Bonus: If you took a job out of your current career path, what job would your take?

Is rock star a career path?

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TMI Tuesday: January 3, 2017

1. How is your year going?

All pretty quiet so far so apart from a heavy cold I can’t complain.

2. Did you go out on NYE or have a New Year’s day celebration?

Went to a party with old friends. Bit of a tradition among us. Played a new song for them, drank way to much of everything and spent new year’s day with the mother of a hangover!

3. Ahh yes, those pesky New Year’s Resolutions. How did you do with your 2016 NY resolutions–did you keep them?

I didn’t make any. I haven’t done for many years as I never did keep them.

4. Year 2017, are you carrying over any resolutions from 2016? What?


5. What new experiences are you planning to have or hoping to have in 2017?

I gave up making plans a long time ago! This year I intend to take it easy, work on my music and watch what unfolds with life and take it from there.

Bonus: Did you see fireworks on New Year’s eve? (Take that anyway you want :-p )

I think there was a whole bunch of fireworks going off inside my skull on new year’s day😂

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TMI Tuesday: December 20, 2016

Life and Being

1. Why do you live where you live?

I’ve lived fairly locally most of my life. It’s a decent enough place and suits me well.

2. Do you want to have your sins forgiven?

Well if you class sin as in the “7 deadly sins” then I am guilty of them all on a pretty regular basis with the exception of envy and all with that exception I enjoy them all! No forgiveness required or wanted.

3. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

No. It’s never played any part in my thinking. I must confess the Norse concept of Valhalla is appealing but not being Scandinavian(among other things) probably means I’m not gonna get an invite!

4. After life, where do you think you will end up?

In a big pine box, burned in a big oven and turned to ash which will be scattered to the four winds. 

5. If you have children, would they say you are the favorite parent? Why do you think this?

I don’t have any.

6. Has anything ever happened to you that was dramatic, personal or spectacular enough to cause you to be believe in a God?

There have probably been things in my life I cannot explain. There’s never been any occasion however that has caused me to believe in a higher being.

Bonus: What is something you consider to be a great personal success? Why was it so significant?

Still being alive and relatively sane and in one piece is probably my greatest. Many better people than me never managed that.

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TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016

1. Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped?

No. I’ve never felt insecure enough to have to do that. From what I can see anyway when you start playing those sort of games they tend to backfire on you.

2. Select the answer that best fits your experience. I have dated:
a. all the wrong people
b. romantic companions that were mostly a good fit for me.
c. people that were perfect fits–loves at first sight
d. not all that much, I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships

I think a little bit of either a,b or d would cover the vast majority of my life so far.

3. Online dating: What is your success rate? What do you consider success?

I’ve never been on any specific online dating site. This wasn’t really any conscious decision it just never really had any appeal. I guess I’m old fashioned and prefer face to face. I have though been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people through twitter and Fet when I was still on there.

I suppose success is difficult to quantify. Sometimes a good friendship is success other times a relationship. I have been fortunate to find both at various times.

4. What sexual thing do you do most often that you could commit to doing everyday?

In all honesty there is nothing I do sexually that I could commit to doing every day. I have such a wide range of things I enjoy and I like that variety. It keeps things fresh.

If I had to pick something then I guess knife play would always be close to the top of the list.

5. What are your thoughts on love and lust?

Lust is the easiest of things. It takes no thought or effort. Love is hard work and can be painful.(or perhaps I’m cynical in my old age)

Bonus: Are you searching for love or are you searching for attention?

I’m not really searching for anything  and definitely not attention. I never look for trouble……she usually finds me all by herself! I prefer to generally just sit back, observe and see where life takes me.

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TMI Tuesday: September 20, 2016

Sex, seriously?

1. Do you think being a sex worker is as legitimate a work option as being an accountant?

Why not? If you take it at it’s most basic form, sex is just another commodity to many people. As long as there is no coercion involved and it’s between consenting adults then I honestly don’t see any problem with it.

2. Which of these rules would you follow if your lover had to have it followed in order to be aroused:

a. wear socks will having sex
b. have the lights on during sex
c. have the TV playing, volume up while having sex
d. the room must be in complete darkness to have sex

I’ve done them all apart from keeping my socks on. In fairness I really don’t think it’s a good look! Can’t say I’m keen on c either!

3. You must plan an evening of sex with your lover. Tell us what you’ve planned for the evening.

A mountain of rope, a couple of knives, a few floggers and crops, music and a filthy imagination. And of course wine and chocolate for afterwards.

4. Rule: If one of you is in the mood for sex and the other is not, you give the other 24 hours to ‘get in the mood’ before masturbating. Would this work in for you or in your relationship–why or why not?

I can’t say it something I’ve every considered as I honestly can’t remember a time when I haven’t been in the mood when I’ve been with someone. As for waiting 24 hrs, if I’m horny then I’d just take care of it!

5. Apparently, even though it is the year 2016, some folks still have a “number” that delineates another person from being normal and liking sex versus being promiscuous. What is THAT number for you?According to a recent U.K. report more than 15 sexual conquests for a man can be off-putting, while more that 14 sexual encounters for a woman may give a potential suitor pause.

I can’t say there would be any number that would bother me as to be quite honest I never pay any attention to the past or try to compete with the past. 

Bonus: How was your weekend?

Plenty of good red wine, plenty of music and excellent company so all in all a pretty good weekend.


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TMI Tuesday: September 6, 2016

1. What was one of the best parties you’ve attended?

It’s fair to say I’ve been to a few good ones through my life. I think probably though it would have been a couple of New Years parties back in the mid 90’s. Young, carefree, any number of mind altering liquids and substances and an appetite for excess made for many a good time!

2. What is your first memory of being really excited?

Probably the first time I saw the original Star Wars. I was only two but remember it like it was yesterday.

3. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Probably records. I spent a huge amount of my own money when I was young on records.

4. What story does your family always tell about you?

I’m glad to say I honestly can’t think of any embarrassing tales that they recounted.

5. At what age did you become an adult?

I don’t think I’ve ever become an adult and I hope I never do! There’s many things, especially in my personal life I take very seriously but for the most part I’m still the same long haired 18 year old hedonist I was back then. The only downside being the 40 something body doesn’t cope as well as the 18 year old!

Bonus: Do you often subscribe to new comments/replies on blogs? Or do you manually go back to see if someone has responded to what you wrote?

I never subscribe. I check back and I get notifications from the app and respond. I’m not as fastidious with responses and stats as I used to be.
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