She heard the unmistakable growl from his throat as his body stiffened, his almost insatiable appetite temporarily satisfied several times that evening. She smiled inwardly to herself, rather pleased at being able to keep up with his libido. She had worried when they first got together but was happy to find they were a good match.

Her body trembled slightly and she let out a little giggle, what she referred to as a girly giggle. This was quite new to her. She wasn’t known for being girly but there was something about Him that made her feel small and girly.

She looked up at him, peering over her glasses, his blue eyes highlighted against the dark shadow of his beard. His eyes were still wild with desire and he had the slightly smug grin on his lips that she really liked. It meant he was really happy and nothing made her happier then seeing him smile. “Feeling better” she giggled again. 

He beamed back at her “My good girl” he growled in a hoarse voice, “Time for your reward I think”.

Without ceremony he yanked her legs apart once more and buried his face between them. He inhaled deeply, intoxicated by her scent. Her body reacted just as he knew it would. Instantly her nails dug into his scalp, as if trying to force his tongue deeper inside her. She seemed to read his mind. This wasn’t to be a long drawn out session, he wanted to cum quick and hard.

He slipped his finger inside her and she reacted instantly, shuddering and making her own imperceptible sounds. He smiled inwardly to himself as her body had another powerful orgasm. Knowing how sensitive she was, he continued using his tounge, knowing fine well the delicious torture she found it! Right to the point he knew she could take no more…..

He stood up and stood over her, her juices covering his beard. She giggled again, “Your quickies are damn intense! I think I’m gonna keep you”.


The flash of the blade

You are standing there in your now, what seems like familiar position, pinned against the wall and staring into my eyes. You don’t blink, your eyes never leave mine. Your breathing heavy with anticipation, a slight shiver runs through your body. Good. A healthy dose of fear is always a good thing.

As I unsheathe the blade for the first time I see the fear in your eyes now. You try to speak but the words freeze in your throat. I hold up the blade between us, spinning it between my fingers, feeling your reaction, feeding on it. A wry smile spreads across my face. Your eyes still transfixed by the movement of the blade.

You flinch as I touch the flat cold steel against your cheek. I look you straight in the eyes,  “Be still and trust me” I mutter quietly. Your body freezes once more.

I hook the blade under your old t-shirt and slowly cut away the material. As it falls away I move the blade down to your stomach and let the tip dance over your skin, teasing you gently, watching your reaction all the while before slipping the blade down the front of your panties. You gasp again as it slices through the cotton.

Now I run the tip of the blade over your breasts. I notice you biting your lip as I trace my initials into both of them. The faintest of marks appearing. A reminder, if needed of who now owns you.