She heard the unmistakable growl from his throat as his body stiffened, his almost insatiable appetite temporarily satisfied several times that evening. She smiled inwardly to herself, rather pleased at being able to keep up with his libido. She had worried when they first got together but was happy to find they were a good match.

Her body trembled slightly and she let out a little giggle, what she referred to as a girly giggle. This was quite new to her. She wasn’t known for being girly but there was something about Him that made her feel small and girly.

She looked up at him, peering over her glasses, his blue eyes highlighted against the dark shadow of his beard. His eyes were still wild with desire and he had the slightly smug grin on his lips that she really liked. It meant he was really happy and nothing made her happier then seeing him smile. “Feeling better” she giggled again. 

He beamed back at her “My good girl” he growled in a hoarse voice, “Time for your reward I think”.

Without ceremony he yanked her legs apart once more and buried his face between them. He inhaled deeply, intoxicated by her scent. Her body reacted just as he knew it would. Instantly her nails dug into his scalp, as if trying to force his tongue deeper inside her. She seemed to read his mind. This wasn’t to be a long drawn out session, he wanted to cum quick and hard.

He slipped his finger inside her and she reacted instantly, shuddering and making her own imperceptible sounds. He smiled inwardly to himself as her body had another powerful orgasm. Knowing how sensitive she was, he continued using his tounge, knowing fine well the delicious torture she found it! Right to the point he knew she could take no more…..

He stood up and stood over her, her juices covering his beard. She giggled again, “Your quickies are damn intense! I think I’m gonna keep you”.


Right here, right now

The night, hot, sultry, sticky. My mass of body hair really not helping. Nor does your unnecessary babydoll you insist on wearing, although your shyness is utterly cute and endearing and I really wouldn’t change it.

I’m only aware of your breathing, light, I can tell you’re just dozing. At least you are doing better than me. I can feel the heat radiate from you added to the smell of your perfume. It’s a heady, intoxicating and addictive mix. I feel myself harden, yeah sleep is even less likely to happen now!

Briefly you open your eyes, just for a fraction of a second, just enough time for me to see that fire I love. Dunno if it’s conscious but you always do it!

I roll on top of you. Not subtle, not gentle. How many times have we fucked already tonight? Meh, I’ve really no idea. All I know is right now I need to have you! It’s primal, raw and urgent. Slow love making, long well planned scenes are for later. Now is the time for unabated lust.

You’re awake fully now as I slip easily inside you. Eyes wide with lust, nails already sinking into my skin the way I like it. Exactly on the same wavelength as we always are. Your thighs wrapped firmly around my back. 

Teeth, nails, clawing, biting, just both exactly what we need. Both your hands pinned firmly to the pillows as we get closer. Yes, we are close. “Cum for me babygirl” I almost whisper it. Both our bodies tense before we simply collapse and hold each other tightly. No more words pass between us. The look in your eyes says everything as we finally start to doze.

All Mine

He had almost fooled himself for a while. He had planned it over and over in his head so many times. He wasn’t a man to leave anything to chance. It was where he was most comfortable, most at home. Where words meant nothing and actions did the talking. He thought he was going to be in control of himself fully. But no plan is foolproof.

The instant they stepped into the room together the floodgates opened. All pretence, all careful planning gone in an instant. He grabbed her so hard and slammed her against the wall that she was momentarily winded. He kissed her with an ferocity that surprised even him. Her body seemed to melt in his arms. 

He kissed and nibbled her neck as he unbuttoned her shirt. “Aww fuck, you’re not playing fair” she gasped breathlessly as he scraped his teeth very slowly and deliberately down her collarbone. The ghost of a smile played on his lips as his hand fumbled with the waistband of her trousers.

He pulled down her loose fitting trousers and was pleasantly surprised to see she was commando. He kissed her hard again as his hand slipped between her thighs feeling the slick wetness of her shaven cunt. Burying his finger deep inside her and hearing the soft moans escape from her lips. “Mine” he growled in her ear as he withdrew his fingers and put them in his mouth, savouring the taste of her before grabbing her by the arm and throwing her onto the bed.

In one swift movement he pulled of her trousers and buried his face between her legs. Her body stiffened and fell limp again as his tongue worked hungrily into her, deeper, faster, exploring every part of her. He felt her body shudder once more and he knew he had to have her now.

Pulling down his jeans, in one swift movement he was inside her. Pinning both her hands above her head as she wrapped her legs around his back. He wanted her so much right now, hard, fast and raw. Releasing her wrists she clawed at his neck as he sank his teeth in to her skin.

He felt her tighten around him, gripping his cock tightly,her body shaking once more as he started to cum. All at once he collapsed on top of her. He became suddenly aware of the smell of her perfume as he softly kissed her neck.

“You missed me then?” she muttered and started laughing. All in all, a good start to the evening.


Her whole body shuddered again as another orgasm raced through her. How many times had it been now? She’d tried to count in her head but she’d long since lost track.

Then it stopped again, she relaxed, trying to prepare herself for the enslaught on her senses that she knew would inevitably come again. She moved her head very slightly, in fact that was the only part of her body she was able to move. He’d tied her tight, face down on her bed. A small remote control vibrator buried deep in her swollen cunt.

She was conscious of him standing over her. She had a fair idea of what was about to happen and once again she felt her body shudder as the cold steel blade touched the top of her spine. She buried her face in the pillow as he scrapped the blade slowly and methodically over her shoulder blades. She bit down on the pillow to stifle her moans as he ran the point down the entire length of her spine. And then it was gone.

Catching her breath she imagined him standing behind her, his cold blue eyes staring at her, watching for her reactions, seeing if she’d react. She knew fine well if she did he’d prolong things even further. He was teasing her with his inaction and leaving her to wonder what would happen next. Lost in her own intimate world with his hand firmly guiding her.

Looks that kill

​She couldn’t move even if she wanted to. Her body was pinned hard against the wall by his considerable bulk. His right  arm had encircled her waist and his left hand was wrapped so tightly in her hair that to struggle would have been futile. He was surprisingly gently but left her in no doubt of his intentions. His mouth wasted no time in devouring hers. All in all, it was fair to say he was more than a little pleased to see her.

Eventually he broke off and stood back to look at her. She was flustered but not so much that she didn’t remembered her special trick of looking up at him seductively over the top of her glasses knowing full well what his reaction would be. “Upstairs” he growled in his gruff voice.

He shrugged off his jacket and rucksack as he entered the room. As he turned round he was pleased to see she had anticipated his next command. She had often joked that they lived in each others head. He liked that thought during their long periods apart. He often wished though he could see even deeper into that mind of hers. He often felt he was merely scratching the surface.

She was already naked before him, her eyes cast demurely to the floor. He noted though, as always, the slightest flicker of defiance as she peered suruptisiously over the frames of her glasses once again. He smiled inwardly as he walked around her and admired her body. How long had it been since he’d gazed at her? Too long he thought to himself, far too damn long.

Bending down he whispered in her ear “Assume the position” which she dutifully did, her knees on the floor, the rest of her body spread over the bed. At her most vulnerable, her most trusting. He ran his hand through his beard as he looked at her. Focus, he thought to himself.

He reached into his rucksack and started to empty the contents. He found at once what he was looking for. A shudder of anticipation ran through her body as she heard the familiar sound of the large curved monochrome blade being withdrawn from it’s sheath. A slight gasp from her lips as the cold steel touched between her shoulders. Not the slightest of movements from her though as his well practised hand drew the blade slowly down the length of her spine. Firmly enough to mark it’s progress but softly enough not to break the skin. 

He withdrew the blade and picked up the large coil of rope he’d withdrawn from his bag. He looped the first coils around her shoulders and began working slowly and methodically. He never rushed this stage, preferring to savour each knot, each turn of the rope, binding every part, watching closely as the rope bit into her skin. His mind was  whirling into overdrive as his creation took shape. He stopped to check on her, she had her distant dreamy look on her face so he continued. Only when he was finally happy did he stop and stand back to admire his handy work.

He had no idea how much time had passed as he withdrew his homemade flogger and his heavy leather strap from his bag. Time was always an irrelevance and had a way of standing still when they were together. He held the flogger tight in his hand. She seemed to sense what he was doing and gave her ass cheeks a teasing, almost unnoticeable wiggle. He raised the flogger and brought it down twice quickly on his own leg, gauging the feel of the unfamiliar tool on his own skin before he let it loose on his prize trussed up beneath him.

And so he began his rhythm with the flogger, strokes landing and painting a collage of red strokes across her pristine cheeks. Stopping occasionally to check on her reactions which he already knew would be just the ghost of a smile on her full lips. They both knew though that this was only the aperitif and that the main course was still to be served and would be longer and far more drawn out but ultimately more satisfying.

He threw the flogger aside and hefted the heavy leather in his hand, feeling the thick leather between his fingers. He brought it down hard across both cheeks. Her body stiffened and let out a gasp, mostly he knew from the initial surprise. She would never react to the pain, she was too stubborn.

So once again he found his rhythm. Sometimes he would bring down a quick succession of strokes, other times he would pause, let the sting of the stroke subside before delivering a fresh one. Watching with pleasure the vivid red now spreading across her skin. Every so often grabbing a handful of her hair and lifting her head. All the time watching for her almost imperceptible movement that was his cue to continue. The silent communication that often passed between them. Despite being both very much in their own private worlds at that point, still in tune.

Again he had no idea of time but he knew when she had had almost enough. Today wasn’t a day for pushing too far. He stood over her once more, a single bead of sweat rolled off his nose and landed on her cheek. His breathing was starting to return to normal. As he untied her his mind played over this as it always did. He had a sudden urge for a glass of whisky and he’d bet his life she’d be asking for a glass of wine any minute now.  The night was young and there was much more fun to be had.

Night train

He hated trains. He hated the noise, he hated how uncomfortable they were. He hated sharing his personal space with other people. Here he was though on the sleeper train heading home. It had been a great weekend. A concert and a catch up with old friends. A bit of a blur if he was honest but just what he needed to recharge the batteries. He chuckled to himself as he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window of the buffet car. Dressed in his customary black but looking even more disheveled than usual. He may still like to act like a teenager but a weekend of partying certainly showed these days.

He settled down as the train left the station. He decided to sit and drink his coke and chill for a while before turning in. The body may be tired but the brain was still wide awake.

He heard the carriage doors open and he looked up. In walked a young woman. A rather striking young woman in fact. Tall, very tall. Her light hair seemed to shimmer in the dull lights of the train. He watched as she ordered her drink and made her way to one of the many empty seats. Instinctively as she walked towards he stood up and asked if she wanted to join him and to his delight she agreed. Maybe this journey won’t be quite as bad he reflected to himself.

They talked for a while. The usual pleasantries between strangers. They were from the same city etc. All the time he, despite his veneer of gentlemanly behaviour, was not only mentally undressing her but already had her bound and cuffed to the bed in his mind. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and tried to concentrate. Watching her closely he’d swear there was a knowing smile playing on her face, especially when she grinned at him over the top of her glasses! Dear God he was struggling now.

The train was rumbling through the English countryside when she decided to retire for the night. They said their goodbyes and more out of habit than any realistic chance he gave her his card and told her to call. They shook hands and her parting words to him were “I like your ring”. With that she left.

Funny how he’d forgotten how tired he was now. He doubted that she knew the significance of the ring. Probably just that it looked nice. He chuckled to himself. It was like the plot of some really awful chick flick or some dodgy porn film. He decided that since he wasn’t going to get any sleep he may as well have a drink. At least it was something mildly productive.

Just then he heard his phone beep and he checked it. He was a little taken a back….

“There’s a big naked sub all alone in her room……what you gonna do about it? Berth C6 if you figure it out”

To hell with the drink he thought as turned and strode in the direction of the carriage. He was trying very hard to wipe the smug look off his face before he got there.

Berth C6, here it was. Stand up straight, deep breath, the usual stupid routine followed by a firm knock on the door. He heard movement and the door being unlocked before it opened just a fraction. Her grinning face appeared and then beckoned him in and stepped back. He stepped inside and locked the door behind him.

She was true to her word. There she stood before him wearing nothing but her glasses. He looked her up and down, licking his lips at the thought of what was to come.

She made to speak but he put his finger to her lips. She stopped and bowed her head slightly before falling to her knees in front of him. Within seconds she had his belt undone and his already hard cock in her mouth. Eager didn’t really describe it accurately enough. A series of small involuntary growls escaped from his throat. Fuck but this girl was good! He grabbed a handful of her hair but she needed no guidance at all. She was moving faster by the second, his hips now thrusting, fucking her face furiously.

He was so close, she sensed this as she took him all the way down her throat. She looked up at him and give his the sexiest look he’d ever seen. He was done. She never flinched as it hit the back of her throat and she gleefully never missed a drop.

He was panting as she stood up and flashed her dazzling smile at him once again. “I suppose I better get some sleep, I’m supposed to be working in the morning” she said in an almost coy manner. He laughed, “Sleep?” he said, it’s four hours till arrival and we haven’t even got warmed up yet……….

Skin on skin

You think I didn’t notice don’t you? You think that sultry look over the top of your glasses will save you but you’ve played that card once too often young lady! I saw that look of defiance in your eyes. You were goading me. You forget, I always watch your eyes.

I pick up my crop and twirl it in my hands in front of your face. The faintest of shivers runs through your naked submissive form at my feet. I know how much you dislike the crop and you know how much I like to taunt you with it. Two can play that game, the difference is that I play the game better because I make the rules.

I slip the slim leather of the crop under your chin and raise your head. Not looking so defiant now are you? Good, you’ve remembered your place. I continue to raise the crop until you are on your feet. You stand before me naked, slightly taller than me, modestly trying to cover yourself with your arms. I admire every inch of your curves as I walk behind you. I notice you visably relax……it’s at this point I deliver a sharp slap on each of your buttocks. You scream, mostly out of surprise as I have been relatively gentle. I walk back round to face you and you notice my smirk. I can see you’re thinking of saying something but think better of it.

You drop to your knees, obviously happy at what you see as a “reprieve” and start to unbuckle my belt but I stop you. “Only good girls get to do that. You know as well as I do what happens to bad girls”.

I sit down and I note with pleasure and a little pride that you don’t even have to be told what to do next. You drape your body perfectly over my knees, your backside, pristine and white save for a red mark on each cheek positioned perfectly.

I feel your body tense in anticipation of what you are about to recieve so I wait. I wait until you wonder if I’m going to do it at all. The moment I feel your body relax I deliver the first double slap, quick and hard. You scream, not out of surprise this time but because they were delivered with force. The red outlines of my hand are already visable on your backside as I deliver the second double slap, just as firmly. This time there is no scream. I know you’re doing your best not to and once again admiration swells in me. A final hard double slap is delivered harder than the previous. Again there is no sound.

You feel me move and you realise we are finished. You slide to the ground at my feet and I lean down to kiss your head. My good girl once more.

Leather and lust


The smell of the leather in my hand.

The shiver of anticipation running visibly through your submissive form at my feet.

The swish as it arcs through the air.

The thwack as it connects with the roundness of your cheeks.

The scream of pleasure fused with pain that escapes your mouth.

The satisfying welt that says I have left my mark not only on your flesh, but I have left my mark on your very soul.


Well he’d finally done it. After 20 odd years of running about on motorbikes he’d finally taken the plunge and bought a car. Not much of a car mind you, but a car none the less. It had seen better days and had plenty of miles on the clock, not unlike him he thought to himself!

Keen to take it for a good long spin and knowing it was her day off and she had no plans,  he decided it would be a perfect opportunity to see her. He messaged her in his usual staccato style “We’re going for lunch. Wear something nice for me. See you in 30”

He thought of her looking at her phone, probably thinking they’d end up in the local for a pub lunch. He of course, as always, had other ideas. He liked to surprise her and him turning up at her house in the car rather than his battered old bike would certainly be a shock to her.

He arrived outside her house and called her. She was waiting for him. Her facial expression was one of disbelief. He opened the passenger door. “Get your coat love, you’ve pulled” he laughed. She groaned at his cheesy line then laughed before climbing in beside him. She had barely sat down before he reached over and kissed her. A deep longing kiss so full of desire he actually surprised himself! It may have only been a couple of days since he’d seen her but it felt like an eternity.

So after the explanation about the car they set off. Driving was taking a little getting used to after so many years on two wheels. She though was in her element. She was never comfortable on the back of his bike but here she looked relaxed and happy. Dressed in black, just like him she looked her usual beautiful self, understated but still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He kept glancing over at her throughout the journey and judging from the coy smile on her lips, she knew he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

After driving for around an hour they stopped at a country pub for lunch. It was nice to get out of the city. She was in an especially playful mood, constantly teasing him. Little touches, bending deliberately forward and showing him her ample cleavage. The tension was getting to him! ‘You’re playing a dangerous game here Princess” he said, scowling in an almost offhand manner. “Ooo Sir, stop scowling” she giggled, “what are you going to do, put me over your knee in a crowded pub?”

He knew she was being deliberately provocative! They both knew he was powerless at the moment to do anything. He playfully scowled again at her and she laughed and stuck out her tongue at him. She certainly knew how to push her luck.

This continued for the rest of their time in the pub. Her teasing getting even worse. She was loving every second of it. Finally though it was time to leave and they headed back to the car. She was very talkative and a little tipsy, he said very little as they set off. He was busy plotting his revenge on the beautiful but bratty woman sitting next to him!

She was still talking and giggling when he pulled off the main road. He drove about a mile down the track and pulled off into a layby. Without a word he stopped the car and got out. Calmly he walked round to the passenger side and flung open the door. He grabbed her arm and yanked her out of the passenger seat, frog marching her to the front of the car. She had stopped talking now, sensing the mood had changed. Without a word being spoken he unceremoniously pinned her to the bonnet with one hand, and with the other pulled down her trousers exposing her skin to the evening air.

“Did you honestly think I was gonna let you away with all your teasing today?” he growled in her ear. “Cause and effect Princess”

With that he swung his hand twice in quick succession each connecting with the cheeks of her ass. She screamed and tried to struggle free but it was no good. As strong as she was, he had her exactly where he wanted her……completely under his control. Again, another double smack and again the same satisfying scream from her. This continued for a couple of minutes. “Have you learned your lesson now?” he asked her softly. “Yes Sir” she muttered.

“Good girl” he said. “Now I’m going to give us what we both need. Don’t think for a second I don’t know it’s what your little stunt was all about!”

He grinned as he undid his jeans, knowing fine well she would be doing the very same. Sneaky, but he admired her cunning!

Holding both hands behind her back and grabbing her hip with his free hand, he entered her very roughly and was rewarded with a satisfying groan. He was in no mood to be gentle with her! Any anger he had felt about being duped was now superseded by pure animal lust. She was at his mercy completely and by god he was going to have what was rightfully his. He built a fast rhythm very quickly. The suspension on the old car bouncing quite wildly under their combined weight. Grabbing a fistful of her dark hair he yanked back her head. He looked into her eye as he felt himself start to cum. Oh fuck he needed this after a day of pent up lust! Her body then shook in unison. He collapsed on top of her for a second or two before standing up and composing himself.

He pulled her back onto her feet and pulled her trousers back up. They got back into the car and continued the journey, smiling but silent. Not wrapped around her finger he thought but damn she got away with murder at times! She was a clever one, but she was his clever one.