F4TFriday #50 – What I Know Now


What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 18 year old you?

Probably that a slightly grumpy, antisocial person such as me is still lucky enough to have a pretty damn amazing sex life!

What one thing might shock that younger you?

I’m not sure there’s really much. Even from an early age my tastes and desires have been pretty much as they are now. The answer would probably be similar to question 1.

Is there anything in the younger you’s sexual ambitions or fantasies you have not yet fulfilled?

I have been more fortunate than I probably deserve through my life in that most of the fantasies I had, I achieved relatively early on in my life. There’s only one I have left and I’m pretty sure that is gonna be taken care of very soon😏

What part of the younger you’s sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?

I honestly can’t say I look back with a great deal of nostalgia because for me it’s just got better and better, especially this past year. I suppose there was the initial sense of wonder those first few times but apart from that nothing really.

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Tango in the night

He pulled up to the kerb and parked his bike. As he took off his helmet he stopped to think of the enormity (and stupidity) of what he was about to do.

It all went back a few months. He had been having a “spirited disagreement”, as he liked to call it, with her. He couldn’t even blame drunkenness as he was stone cold sober when he had gotten himself into this mess. No, it was stubbornness, sheer stubbornness and pigheadedness! Typical male behaviour as she would have called it and for once, he thought to himself, he would have found himself totally unable to argue with her!

Not that they argued in a bad way, far from it. It was their thing, the standing joke between them. It was fun and always kept things very lively between them. This time however he had been a little too cocky. In his determination to prove himself right he’d blurted out “If I’m wrong I’ll dance the bloody tango naked outside your house!”

He had thought nothing more of it after that. Until of course the day came when he was, not for the first time, proven to be wrong. She had taken great pleasure in pointing this out to him. He had looked into those eyes of hers, those dark soft eyes that she could turn into puppy dog eyes at the flick of a switch, knowing full well they would melt straight through his tough exterior in a millisecond!

He saw something very different in them that day. A steely snugness was emanating from them. Her eyes told her story better than any author or body language ever could. They said just one thing, there was no way in the world he was going to avoid his forfeit.

So it had come to this. A chilly April night in a quiet cul de sac in Scotland, he found himself stripping off his leathers. Common sense told him to back down, but once again his damn stubbornness and pride were getting in the way!  Finding himself stark naked, save for his boots, he walked up her garden path and placed a rose between his teeth. If he was going to make a fool of himself, he was going to damn well do it properly!

Unknown to him, she had heard his arrival. She knew the sound of his bike so well now that she would recognise it anywhere. Besides, in the quiet streets round there, they never had motorbikes charging up and down the street!

She had glanced out of the window behind the curtains on his arrival. Her heart did a little leap the way it always did when she saw him. Her big rough tough brute of a man, but with a soft sweet romantic side that the rest of the world never got to see. A real Jekyll and Hyde character. She had told her friends how gentle he was and they had scarcely believed her!  

She fixed her hair as she watched him climb off the bike. Subconsciously licking her lips at the thought of the kisses to follow. Damn that man could kiss! Snapping out of her daydream, she watched in fascination as he started to strip off his leathers. What the hell was he doing she thought. Then, the penny dropped! The big daft man was going to do it, he was actually going to do it! She laughed, a deep throaty laugh that she knew always drove him wild. She didn’t know fully what to think. She was torn between being a little mad at him for his pigheaded stupidity and the fact that inside her heart had started beating faster than she thought possible. She walked downstairs and opened the front door.

He had just placed the rose in his mouth and assumed his position when the front garden was bathed in light. Dear God he thought, I hope the bloody neighbours don’t see this! He looked up and saw her standing in the doorway. She was laughing to herself and watching him intensely. Those eyes, he thought to himself. They could make a man walk through the gates of hell itself for a glimpse of them!

He danced, it seemed like an hour but in reality was more like 30 seconds before she threw him a towel and told him to get inside before he got arrested!

As he walked through the door he looked at her and kissed her. Before he knew it he was being pulled bodily into the house and the door slammed firmly behind him. The look in those dark eyes was somehow different tonight than he had seen before, they meant business!

She whipped off his towel and pushed him hard against the wall. As strong as she was this was no mean feat with his considerable bulk. She kissed him hard and grabbed his already hardening cock, pumping it vigorously. Something had come over her!

“You absolute eejit!! You are the most stubborn pigheaded man i have ever met!”

He made to speak, but she caught him off guard and pushed him to the floor! “You are the biggest eejit I’ve ever met, but no one has ever done anything like that for me before! Tonight, tough guy, I’m not your princess, tonight, I’m in charge”

He was so taken aback by her sudden change he froze. Here he was on the floor, effect and almost helpless with surprise. He watched as she stripped off her jogging trousers and opened the buttons of her checked shirt. Without a word she lowered herself onto him. Gripping him firmly she started to ride him, not the gentle pace he might have expected but a fast, wild uncontrolled rhythm. Her nails went straight to his chest with such ferocity that they instantly drew blood.

Suddenly snapping out of his trance, the growls started to rise from his throat. Deep, gutteral and uncontrolled. This was his princess yet tonight something else had awakened in her and he was loving it! Grabbing her hips hard he pulled her onto him with all his strength. She was like a blur now, her glasses had long since flown off her face and her long dark hair was being tossed around with wild abandon.

He felt her body tense and her nails dig deeper into him. He knew well the throaty scream which accompanied her orgasm. Her pussy violently convulsed as she tossed back her head. He was once more powerless as her muscled milked him and sent him over the edge. Even he was shocked by the depth of the violent growl which escaped his throat.

She collapsed on top of him, her head laying on his chest. All at once, the demon which seemed to have possessed her left. He held her and listened to her breathing softly. Her fingers gently and playfully  teasing his beard. She was his princess once more.