TMI Tuesday: August 22, 2017

After this week’s TMI Tuesday you may say, “Get out of my head!”

The Psychology of Sex

1. For you, can sex be separated from love?

Undoubtedly but in my experience the best sex usually comes about when there is love or at least a pretty deep connection.

2. Can sex be separated from caring?

Again it’s a yes and the answer to question one could apply equally here too.

3. Men: Does sex seem to be something that you can never get enough of and are constantly seeking or thinking about?

I’m blessed (or cursed depending on the situation) with a very high sex drive and it seems to have increased ten fold since I’ve been with my girl! It’s definitely something I can never get enough of. As for constantly thinking about it, I can’t say it rules my life in that respect.

4. Women: Is sex secondary to intimacy, physical closeness, and commitment?

I can’t speak for my girl but I know that sex is as hugely important to her as it is to me. 

5. Who is more discriminating in choosing sexual partners–you or your significant other?

We are both pretty discriminating when it comes to that.

Bonus: Who is more likely to take on additional sexual partners, you or your significant other?

Neither of us. I have been monogamous most of my life and my girl is the same.


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I told you so!

Not so much a blog post, more by way of losing a bet!

In a recent “discussion” with someone very special to me, I may have overstated just how sure I was that I was right on a particular subject. Needless to say, despite my usually unshakable self belief, I was proven wrong in the most spectacular fashion!

So as part of the bet I’m  happy to say….

You were right🖤

Kink of the Week May 1-15: Jeans

Jeans are without a doubt the favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe. The chances of seeing me in a suit outside working hours are pretty rare to say the least.

Jeans are rather like me, no nonsense, hard wearing and able to stand up to all the rough and tumble of life. Other than tshirts I’ve got more jeans than anything else in my wardrobe. I think I have around a dozen pairs.

With regards colour, well like Henry Ford(and indeed most of my clothing) I have any colour, as long as it’s black. Style is invariably tight, just the style I’ve always preferred. On a vain level I have pretty short but muscular legs so shows them off quite well and of course does emphasis other more intimate areas 😏

On a woman I am a huge fan of jeans. There is nothing emphasises the beautiful feminine curves of a well rounded derriere (leather excepted) quite so well as being encased in tight denim. Yes, it’s fair to say I’m a big fan.
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​All resistance melts.

All fighting stops as the hand encircles the neck. 

The noise stuck fast in a primal silent scream. 

The knife works fast, unyielding. 

Clothes despatched in tatters. 

Flesh owned. 

White lines turn to red. 

A madness consuming both. 

Dragged, thrown, ravaged, devoured. 

Surrendered to the carnal frenzy burning within them


shelle wild

I see him across the bar. How can I not!? I felt his eyes in the back of my head and had to turn around. I wish I hadn’t. Those eyes were made for soul searching. Piercing blue and full of danger yet I felt my body react in a way it hadn’t before and I was curious. I had to know why I was reacting the way I was – getting breathless, cheeks getting warmer, goosebumps, sweaty palms and the scariest thing of all – the need to be touched all over. I saw him walk to the bar and wondered if he would approach me. Part of me wishing he wouldn’t yet the other part of me willing him to do so. My friend starts to speak to me and as I turn to give her my attention I lose sight of him and my heart sinks. “Don’t…

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