TMI Tuesday: September 18, 2018

Welcome to sexy fun and playfulness at TMI Tuesday.

sexy fun, playful

1. Which animal listed below represents your true sexual self?
a. Chipmunk – cute and cuddly
b. Monkey – all about being mischievousness
c. Tiger – I’ve earned my stripes

Could probably be a combination of all three depending on my mood but I’d say C

2. Your partner is in the mood for sexy fun and you are tired – what do you do?
a. Start snoring. There is no way I’m giving it up tonight.
b. Trade. You give me a massage… and we will see…
c. That would never happen!

C without a doubt. I’m very lucky in that both our libidos are very intense and closely matched so it’s never been an issue.

3. Which of these sexual descriptive labels closely matches you?
a. Dominant
b. Submissive
c. Top
d. Bottom
e. Switch
f. Kinkster

Without a doubt it’s A.

4. Would you rather have your enemy eaten by a shark or die in an earthquake getting swallowed up by earth?

I can’t really say I have any enemies to speak of and I’d imagine if I did it wouldn’t really bother me how they met their fate, just as long as they were out of my hair!

5. For the next year, would you rather be dressed like a mime every day OR look normal but not be allowed to talk?

Oh my god mimes have terrible outfits! I’m not a big talker a lot of the time anyway so I guess staying silent in my own clothes wouldn’t be too much of a hardship.

Bonus: What’s the most beautiful word in the world

Without a doubt……….Love.

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TMI TUESDAY-February 6, 2018

1. Pancakes or waffles?

I’m greedy so can’t I have both? I suppose if pushed I’d say pancakes as long as they are smothered in Nutella!

2. Steak or Lobster?

I’m actually not a massive fan of either but lobster probably just edges it.

3. Freckles or dimples?

Dimples for sure. There’s just something cute about dimples.

4. Board games or video games?

Video games every time. I’ve been a massive fan for most of my life.

5. Dress up or dress down?

Dress down. I’m very much a jeans and T-shirt kinda guy.

6. Backseat of car or kitchen counter? (Of course I’m talking about a spontaneous place to have sex)

Kitchen counter every time. Never been a fan of car back seats. Too cramped for my liking.

7. Nipple clamps or handcuffs? Tell us why you chose your particular sexual encounter enhancement?

I’ve never really liked handcuffs so definitely nipple clamps. I like the reaction when I first put them on my girl, then pulling on the chain to tighten them, seeing just how much she can take…….

Bonus: How was your weekend? Would you like to repeat it or never see that weekend again?

I was working so I think it falls firmly into the never see it again catagory!


TMI Tuesday – August 29, 2017

It’s sexy time! Today is the day, the day you decide to play TMI Tuesday.

1. Have you ever had sex in the changing room of a store?

No never. I really like the idea and have written about it here. I think it’s one that I’ll probably never do.

2. Ever blindfolded your partner for sex or have you been blindfolded during sex?

Yes I have on many occasions blindfolded my partner. 

3. Who out there likes to be tied up for sex?

I love playing with rope. Not being tied up but I get a lot of pleasure from rigging.

4. Shower sex…yea or nay? Why?

Something I haven’t done for many years simply because my shower is too small. It’s good fun though and would definitely do again if the opportunity arose.

5. Ever done a striptease for a lover?

No. I don’t think I could keep a straight face trying to do it! My girl on the other hand does it so well…….

Bonus: What are you thinking?

I’m thinking that I really can’t be bothered with working today


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TMI Tuesday: July 18, 2017

Sex is no big deal but TMI Tuesday is.

1. For you, what is sexy time?

I have to say that lately I’ve discovered that sexy is not so much about what you’re doing but who you’re doing it with. So for me, when I’m with my girl, sexy time could be something as innocent as just having dinner together right through to something more hardcore.

2. If your best friend asked, “Do you think I’m sexy?” What would you say?

I think everyone is sexy in their own way so I’d say yes.

3. If your Mom or Dad asked, “How’s your love life?” Would you answer? What would you tell them?

That’s actually something my mum asked me many times when she was still alive. I honestly never had any problems being completely open with her about it.

4. A young 8-year-old neighbor asks you, “What is the birds and the bees?” How do you reply?

“Ask your mum”!

5. What would you do if your lover’s turn onis your turn off?

That’s something I’ve never experienced so not entirely sure exactly how I’d react. I’ve got very few absolute “hard limits” so I suppose unless it really veered into that territory I would probably be open to negotiation.

Bonus: What does it mean to be a man?

Oh wow, that’s a deep question and one I’m not sure there’s a definitive answer to. It’s certainly not something I’ve ever given any great thought to, it’s just something I take for granted.


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TMI Tuesday: July 11, 2017

Another day, another week, another fabulous TMI Tuesday! 😀

1. You have 3 days to live:

a. What will you stop doing?

Absolutely nothing

b. What will you do before your time runs out?

Say my goodbyes to everyone and spend the remaining time with my girl.

2. “True wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” – Henry David Thoreau

a. Are you truly experiencing life?

Yeah I would definitely say I am.

b. Are you truly experiencing a full sex life?

Oh without a doubt. I can honestly say, hand on heart it’s never been so good!

3. During sex, what is something that usually distracts you?

Nothing. The world could be burning in the background and I wouldn’t break my concentration.

4. Because you are busy, busy, busy you now have been ordered to have scheduled down time of two hours.

a. What time of day do you take your down time?

Probably in the late morning.

b. What do you do in your down time?


5. Thinking about your sex life:

a. What are the positives?

At this moment in time……..absolutely everything! Can’t think how it could be better.

b. What are the negatives?

None at all.

Bonus: In question 5, how can you change the negatives to positives–eliminate them?

There are no negatives😊


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TMI Tuesday: June 27, 2017

Contemplation. Life. These are the questions, TMI Tuesday questions.

Life and Living

1. If happiness was a currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

Definitely a rock star. My lack of talent would probably mean I was financially poor but since we’re talking about happiness them I’d be very rich indeed.

2. Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

With regards work life, definitely settling.

With regards my personal life, doing entirely what I believe in!

3. If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

If I knew that I only had 40 years to play with, I’d pretty much do what I’ve done so far in life. The only thing I’d do differently is do much much more of it!

4. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

That’s always been a problem of mine. I like to try and do the right thing and I like to do things right. Unfortunately it often means I’ve done the wrong thing for the right reasons.

5. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

No matter what happens, be true to yourself.

Bonus: When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

I like to think I’m gonna end up doing more than I’ve said. Time will tell I suppose.


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TMI Tuesday: May 30, 2017

Important Questions

1. If you are on facebook, when was the last time you had to “unfriend” someone and why?

I haven’t had facebook for about five years so I can’t even remember.

2. What are you addicted to?

I have two, one of which, nicotine(vape) I will give up at some point. The other I have no desire to ever quit.

3. What are the first 3 things you do every morning?

Let of a string of expletives in the direction of the alarm clock. Shower and then eat.

4. How lucky are you and why?

If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have none 😂 I guess I’m lucky I’m still alive, healthy and(relatively) sane.

5. What is one thing you’re embarrassed to admit you want to try?

I honestly cannot think of anything. When, like me, you habitually put your foot in it so to speak then embarrassment tends not to be an issue😂

Bonus: Are you proud of what you are doing?

I’m not sure if pride is the right word really. Let’s just say I’m more than comfortable with everything I am doing.
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TMI Tuesday: May 9, 2017

Life, datingyour body and more

1. What period of your life was the happiest? Why?

I’m reasonably happy, or at least contented  most of the time so I really find it tricky to name any one period.

2. True or False. If you want a successful date, take charge–take the lead. Why?

True. Mainly just because I like to take the lead in everything I do in life. Not that is any guarantee of success 😂

3. True or false: Males are aggressive and assertive, and women are nurturing. Explain your answer.

Probably false. Speaking from my own point of view, I’m certainly assertive but not aggressive (well in most aspects of life). I’d also consider myself quite nurturing when it comes to relationships. I can also honestly say that a great many of my female friends are not nurturing in the traditional sense.

4. Is your body keeping you from a good sex life? How so?

Nah. My body is what it is and I’m stuck with it! It does it’s job pretty well most of the time.

5. Smiles. Do you have a sexy smile that is different from your regular smile. Post a pic of your sexy smile or describe it for us?

I’m not a big smiler and I certainly don’t think I’ve a sexy smile! 

Bonus: May is Masturbation Month. Which of these is your best benefit from masturbating:
a. helps you to relax and/or fall asleep
b. boosts self-esteem
c. combats erectile dysfunction
d. helps you know what feels good so you can tell your sex partner

I guess answer A. To be honest it’s not something I’ve ever given any thought!

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TMI Tuesday: April 11, 2017

This or That?

1 – Lights on or off?

Definitely lights on. I like to admire the view and take in every little detail of what’s going on.

2 – Slow teasing or getting right to business?

I’m going to take the politicians answer here and say both. Sometimes getting right down to business is exactly what is needed, those “have to have you right now” moments. On the other hand there’s times when you just want to tease the living hell out of her and keep her just on the edge until she begs😈

3 – Giver or receiver?

Rather like Christmas I’m a firm believer in it’s far better to give than to receive.

4 – Background noise or no?

Definitely background noise. I’ve always got music on so it’s just a case of choosing the appropriate playlist depending on which particular “activity” we are engaged in.

5 – Top or bottom?

I read this two ways so I’ll give both answers. If we’re referring to BDSM then top always. Bottoming just doesn’t do it for me. For sex then it’s a bit more open. I prefer to be on top(or behind) but sometimes it’s fun to be underneath.

6 – Private or public?

Mainly private. I’m not a huge exhibitionist and I like comfort. On the other hand it’s great fun to indulge in a bit of Al Fresco fun once in a while. I did have a particularly memorable outdoor session last winter in a snow storm! The few fantasies I have left to tick off my “fuckit list” are outdoor ones.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both. 

I never really rate the encounters I’ve been fortunate enough to have so it’s a tricky question. I suppose the best would probably have been last year. I’m far too much of a gentleman to elaborate but there was an intensity and fire(among other things) in the lady in question that I saw right away that really made it memorable. 

As for bad, I can’t really say I’ve had any really bad ones. I suppose the worst ones would have been one scene where I dropped my knife and took a chunk out of my foot🙈. Or possibly many years ago when the dog of the  girl I was with at the time decided to get frisky with my ankle when we were in the middle of things😳

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TMI Tuesday – April 4, 2017

Tell It Like It Is.

Elaborate on each in greater than 20 words but no more than 100 words.

1. Sex is _____ .

The most amazing thing in the world. It’s the time when I feel most comfortable and at home. Probably the only thing in my life I’ll never get tired of ever.

2. Love is _____ .

The singularly most wonderful and painful emotion all rolled into one big messed up package. The ability to make the soul soar or plunge into the pit of hell.

3. Money is _____ .

A necessary evil. Can’t do much without it and there never seems to be enough to go round no matter what. Something I’ve never coveted but ultimately can’t do without.

4. Power is _____ .

Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! A dangerous things when used irresponsibly and a wonderful thing when used for the betterment of those involved.

5. Life is _____ .

Exactly what you make it. That’s what I’ve always believed anyway. It’s bloody hard work a lot of the time but I try my best never to let it get me down for too long.

Bonus: Food is _____ .

A means to an end. I’m not a huge foodie to be honest. It’s just something I have to do. I exist on a diet of Italian and junk food primarily.