Tell me what you most crave.

Tell me your deepest darkest desires.

Bring them to me knowing each one will be fulfilled and more.

Are your shivers fear?



Tell me what’s going through your mind as I lift  your face to look into my eyes.

What do you see behind my blue eyes?

The gentle quiet brooding man, the man who cares for the little lost girl at his feet?

The snarling sadist?

The one who’s pleasure is derived from extracting every exquisite ounce of pleasure by marking every inch of your pristine skin.

The one who ensnares your mind with his words?

The one who owns your body with his fiery touch and cruelty?

Or the one who’s tender touch protects your soul from all your demons?

Tell me what you most crave?

Spirit in black

Existing in the darkest corner

Understanding the deepest thoughts

A time bomb primed and ready

Dangerous and fragile

Guarded and mysterious

An angel and devil all in one

A spirit ready to be collared

Marked and fully released

The slow dark dance of seduction

In the shadow of your soul

The more things change the more they stay the same

The same song

For so many years

Still played every day

Though not heard

In so long

The words as powerful

As when I first heard them

No matter how long

Still making me smile

Thoughts never changing

Stirring my emotions

The singers voice

Still fresh in my ears

The image still

Fixed in my mind

Never altered

By the passing of time

The other songs

Never coming close

Always the one I think of

Always the one I miss
The song will always remain the same

Primal scream

Both emerging from the shadows

Blinded by the sun

Blushing, shy, timid

Fire burning beneath

Scowling, impassive

Quiet and dark

Both waiting to be released

Wine moistened lips

Marked firmly by teeth

The taste of the flesh

The catalyst

The spark that ignites 

The fires deep within both

Finding the next gear

The cold steel 

The hessian

The sound of leather on skin



The contrasts

Released, unfettered

By each other

I’ll meet you there…

The old demons

Long dead

Laying in the cold ground

For all eternity

A new wave

More relentless than before

Rear their head

Creeps closer now

Creeps closer to the foot of the bed

The will to slay

As strong as ever

The strength still there

The chaos that feeds the confusion

Rendered harmless

To dream well

I’ll meet you there

Infinite Dreams

​My girl, your guy

My light, your dark

My pleasure, your pain

My sanity, your insanity

My insanity, your sanity

Your sadist, my gentle soul

My masochist, Your knight

Your rock, my safe place

Mine, yours

The hand that feeds




No matter what has gone before

No matter what currently occupies

Can such a space ever be fully filled

The past, present and future collide

The taste forever

Still fresh on the lips

Moving ever forward

Though never forgetting

Words and voices

Of comfort and despair

In equal measure

Bitterly aware of distance

The gulf that now exists

Seeming wider by the day

The desire to possess

Undiminished by the passing of time

The memories an ever present companion