When love and hate collide

Pushing, pulling

Running away

Yet arms always open on return

And the mess when the same thing happens

When I should have acted differently

Bringing doubts of old

Demons of the past

Long since slaughtered

And deep down knowing

Could never again exist

Things that look beyond repair

Are always fixable

And the invisible thread stretches

But despite everything refuses to break

The things that can never be deleted

From the heart and soul

Afraid to feel more pain

Yet enduring it daily

Because some pain never fades with time

Despite what we tell ourselves

When sleep is no longer an escape

And the face and scent still present in the night

And the inability to quit fighting

For the only thing worth fighting for

No lies, no web of deceit

Just imperfect thoughts and actions

The corrosion, the toxicity

Of self doubt and insecurity

The sense of misunderstanding and loss

And dreams not yet fulfilled

Even when hovering between

Here and beyond

My last breath

Used to say your name


Perfectly imperfect

At that point where failures hurts more

And the safety net breaks temporarily

The few outweigh the many

And nothing makes sense anymore

Love should be enough

But mistakes hurt

Without them

It’s perfect

Wishing every ten minutes

Could last a lifetime
And love
Conquers all


A picture painted in words and music

No photograph required

All the things

He’s no longer able to say again

Still counting sleeps in his mind

To convince himself he’s fine

The thing that will never fade

His heart’s only desire

No matter what time passes

He writes the songs

That no one else will hear

Don’t close your eyes

The numbness consumes

But never completely enough

Happiness turns to maudlin tears

Hopes and dreams to dust

No amount of whisky

Can drown out the feelings

Can hide the image of the face at night

And the sleep that never comes

The memory of the voice

And the laugh that mended a broken soul

Of mistakes made for the right reasons

Or what should be aeternum

Leaves no happy ending once more

Only silence

But all the time screaming inside

But the only war worth fighting

Is the one that can’t be won

Until the Babylon candle burns bright

And the yellow light blinks once more