Kink of the Week February 16-28: Dancing

I suppose it’s no surprise I am a big fan of dancing. I’m someone who is surrounded by music constantly. Listening to it, playing and writing it. It’s been the way of things my entire life. Dancing just seemed like a perfectly natural extension of it.

Right back to my early days at rock concerts, and OK I guess that’s a loose interpretation of dancing, it seemed to me as a natural way to get close to women. Almost like an easy ice breaker in a noisy environment.

I’ll not claim to be the world’s greatest dancer but I have pretty good rhythm. Even as I’ve got older I’ve mostly managed to avoid the dreaded “dad dancing”. In my mid teens I did have a couple of lessons. Nothing subtle like the foxtrot or rumba but I did manage a pretty decent tango. It did raise a few eyebrows among my friends at the time but my dear old mum figured out right away that it was my way to try and impress the ladies. She always did say that women liked a man who could dance.

For me that was always the key. Dance, for want of a better word, is basically fully clothed foreplay. At times probably the very beginning of the entire seduction process. Done properly it’s basically seduction without words. The closeness of two bodies moving in rhythmic(hopefully) unison. The slow tease, the fast frenetic energy, all the precursor of pleasures to come.

I love to watch it done properly. I haven’t done much outside the comfort of my own home for a long time but I hope to again in the future. Yeah I think it’s fair to say I’m a huge fan.

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Tell me what you most crave.

Tell me your deepest darkest desires.

Bring them to me knowing each one will be fulfilled and more.

Are your shivers fear?



Tell me what’s going through your mind as I lift  your face to look into my eyes.

What do you see behind my blue eyes?

The gentle quiet brooding man, the man who cares for the little lost girl at his feet?

The snarling sadist?

The one who’s pleasure is derived from extracting every exquisite ounce of pleasure by marking every inch of your pristine skin.

The one who ensnares your mind with his words?

The one who owns your body with his fiery touch and cruelty?

Or the one who’s tender touch protects your soul from all your demons?

Tell me what you most crave?

TMI Tuesday: Feb 7, 2017

Pick one and explain.

1. Would you rather have a real-life, actually working light saber or Wolverine’s claws?

A total no-brainer for me, a light saver every time. I’ve wanted one since I was a small kid and saw Star Wars for the very first time. What colour? Well as someone on the dark side then it’s got to be Darth Vader’s red one. I may even have just made the sound as I was writing this🙈

2. Would you rather watch all episodes of old time TV show Ultra-man or all episodes of the original Power Rangers?

I’ve never seen any of those shows. 

3. Would you rather do 3 minutes of planks or run a half-mile?

I never did try planking. I’ve got pretty strong arms and shoulders but I reckon I’d go for the running. I could do a half-mile run without breaking much sweat.

4. Would your rather bite all your significant other’s toenails or shave your head?

I’m rather fond of my hair and there’s no power on heaven and earth that could make me shave it off. Not a huge feet fan to be honest but I’d have no problem biting.

5. Which can you do better, give oral sex or finger/hand-job?

Tricky. I’m probably not best placed to answer this one! I have pretty strong and nimble fingers through years of bass playing. I’d probably say oral though. Mostly because it’s something that I particularly enjoy doing.

6. Do you prefer to be on top or bottom, for missionary style sex?

Definitely on top. It’s a rare occasion I’m underneath as I like to be very much in control.

Bonus: This week’s bonus question courtesy of Nero – “Have you ever masturbated to your own blog?”

Oh god no! It would be just too weird I think. Despite what some may think I’m not that narcissistic.

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Kink of the Week February 1-15: Threesomes

Ah yes the threesome, the absolute holy grail for any red blooded young male! For me as a teenager discovering sex then yes, that was exactly my thinking. So for this particular topic I find myself delving into the deep dark archives of my mind to the only experience I have on the topic. The teenage me, same grumpy face but considerably more hair!

I was 19, fully discovering myself sexually and with a partner who was the same age and vastly more experienced than me. Also my first experience of a bisexual partner. A fantastic time, full of new experiences and fully embracing the lifestyle properly for the first time. 

When the subject of threesomes came up then naturally I was very curious and open to the idea. Actually that’s an understatement but I didn’t necessarily think it would happen. 

It did happen though. In fact it happened a handful of times with one of her girl pals. As for the actual experience itself. Well it was enjoyable but ultimately for me a little underwhelming. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the experience, hell, what person in their right mind wouldn’t. Perhaps it was a case that in my young mind I had built the idea up to be something even more than it could ever be.

I think there was more to it though. My girl at the time was never the jealous type but I noticed a change in her after this. Just subtle comments about me preferring the other girl. I could definitely see how this could have caused bigger problems if the relationship had lasted longer than it did.

For me there’s never really been any great temptation to try it again. Yeah it was good to tick it off my bucket list so early on but that’s about it. I can’t really foresee my ever being tempted to try it again.

I’ve always been very much a one woman guy and I don’t really see that changing any time soon. I guess some people might find that strange but it’s just the way I’ve always been. I prefer to focus my entire attention on just one woman. I’m quite intense and full on(some would say a little too much) and keeping it one on one allows me to do that far better I think.
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Spirit in black

Existing in the darkest corner

Understanding the deepest thoughts

A time bomb primed and ready

Dangerous and fragile

Guarded and mysterious

An angel and devil all in one

A spirit ready to be collared

Marked and fully released

The slow dark dance of seduction

In the shadow of your soul