Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

Not really sure if I’d class it as a kink but I’d say I have definite and well defined preferences when it comes to hair on the opposite sex. In fact I’d say hair is usually the second thing I look at on a woman after their eyes. 

Maybe it all comes from growing up in the 80’s and being a lifelong fan of rock music but hair has always been important. The big hair styles of that time have probably left a lasting impact on me from my adolescent years. Not least some of the terrible hairstyles I sported back then🙈

The old cliché about gentlemen preferring blondes definitely doesn’t apply to me. For some reason it’s always been brunettes and darker hair I’ve preferred. Indeed I’ve only ever been with one blonde my whole life. That’s not to say I’d avoid someone blonde, it’s just not what catches my eye straight off.

Coloured hair has always been a favourite. I was involved last year with a girl who changed her hair colour as often as her mood! She went from red to blue to green to jet black in a matter of weeks. Was always interesting to guess which shade she would be when I saw her! Even throw into the mix grey. Now this is something I hadn’t even thought about until recently but a young lady of my acquaintance has the most vivid and stunning grey hair.

Now when it comes to style this is for me where it gets clear cut. For me it’s got to be long. Perhaps it’s a primal thing, perhaps it’s just a rock thing again but my eye just seems to home in on long hair. Indeed when I first set eyes on the last girl I was involved with, the first thing that struck me was her long flowing dark hair.

I think it’s a combination of things when it comes to long hair. I love at the beginning of a scene taking time to prepare her hair. One of my favorite things is to rope the hair into a corset. Aesthetically very pleasing, practical and gives us both a chance to warm up for the main event. 

Or that moment when you’re getting frisky together when she stops, wraps her hair up in a bun by herself. You know she means business at that point!

Grabbing a huge fistful of hair and yanking her head back. Leaving her exposed, vulnerable and totally at your control. Such an incredible turn on and obviously not possible with short hair.

Or just something so very simple. Just the feeling of waking up, her hair draped over your chest. A wonderful feeling of closeness.

For me, it’s definitely long hair all the way.
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14 thoughts on “Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

  1. I read somewhere that the trending fashion/style at the time when you become sexually aware is a marker for the look that attracts you from there on. Asked hubs and yep… It seems to be the case!
    I had hair down to my waist and then chopped it all off for a pixie cut and it never quite recovered. If I make it to shoulder length now I’m grateful! I envy women with long flowing locks so much!
    But I think a very short cut flatters a woman as it highlights her neck and cheekbones etc. It can be very sexy I think.
    Might write a post myself as hair is a definite thing I notice on both sexes…
    (And FYI – you CAN grab a handful of hair and pull, even if it’s shorter! 😈)

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  2. That would certainly make sense. Definitely explains my lifelong love of long hair and dark eyes!

    I shall bear that little snippet of info in mind if the opportunity ever arises😉😈


  3. I love how you write about long hair here, you really have explained the eroticism for you. Oh and you can totally grab hair and pull her head back if she has short hair… I know from experience 😉


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  4. I’m with you on vivid colours, I just love them. I don’t think I’ve seen my natural colour since I was around 15 but red is my favourite, it suits my firey nature 😉

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  5. Sorry that sounded rude. I thought I’d already replied with my thanks, and this was an after comment. Anyway thanks again, I think I’ve found it.


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