Kink of the Week September 16-30: Backs

As is often the way with Kink of the week, the topic posed is often something I’d not really thought about on the surface but if I look deeper then there usually is something there.

So backs. What can I say about my own back? Well like the rest of me it’s on the hairy side and it’s sporting rather a lot of tattoos. 

Now I’m not one for receiving any sort of pain but I must admit there is something tremendously satisfying about having ones back clawed. You know that moment in the throws when her nails sink into your skin and rake your back. It’s great feedback that you’re doing a good job and for me it’s a huge turn on.

So what about my partners back. Well visually it’s appealing. Taking in the whole of her back, tracing my fingers all the way from shoulders right down to the tantalising curves of her hips…

Something I enjoy very much is administering a nice long hot oil massage. If you’ve never tried it then I highly recommend it. It’s guaranteed when done properly to relax her so much.

Now something which up until fairly recently would have been a hard limit for me is corset piercing. I’ve become quite fascinated of late by the whole beauty and intricacy of it. It’s something I never thought would appeal to me and something I won’t be attempting for quite some time yet but it just goes to show how things can change.

I think more than anything for me, I see the back as a blank canvas. She is restrained, hands above her head and ready for a flogging, the mind wanders as to what kind of intricate patterns you will leave behind on her skin. Every flogger, every scene a different utterly unique collage left behind for you to admire. A tremendous thrill for me and one which I’ll never tire of.

And last but not least, a most excellent location for knife play. The cold steel running from the shoulder blades down and tracing to the hips. The beauty of the long white lines dotted and interspersed with red along pale skin is just breathtaking in my book.
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TMI Tuesday: September 20, 2016

Sex, seriously?

1. Do you think being a sex worker is as legitimate a work option as being an accountant?

Why not? If you take it at it’s most basic form, sex is just another commodity to many people. As long as there is no coercion involved and it’s between consenting adults then I honestly don’t see any problem with it.

2. Which of these rules would you follow if your lover had to have it followed in order to be aroused:

a. wear socks will having sex
b. have the lights on during sex
c. have the TV playing, volume up while having sex
d. the room must be in complete darkness to have sex

I’ve done them all apart from keeping my socks on. In fairness I really don’t think it’s a good look! Can’t say I’m keen on c either!

3. You must plan an evening of sex with your lover. Tell us what you’ve planned for the evening.

A mountain of rope, a couple of knives, a few floggers and crops, music and a filthy imagination. And of course wine and chocolate for afterwards.

4. Rule: If one of you is in the mood for sex and the other is not, you give the other 24 hours to ‘get in the mood’ before masturbating. Would this work in for you or in your relationship–why or why not?

I can’t say it something I’ve every considered as I honestly can’t remember a time when I haven’t been in the mood when I’ve been with someone. As for waiting 24 hrs, if I’m horny then I’d just take care of it!

5. Apparently, even though it is the year 2016, some folks still have a “number” that delineates another person from being normal and liking sex versus being promiscuous. What is THAT number for you?According to a recent U.K. report more than 15 sexual conquests for a man can be off-putting, while more that 14 sexual encounters for a woman may give a potential suitor pause.

I can’t say there would be any number that would bother me as to be quite honest I never pay any attention to the past or try to compete with the past. 

Bonus: How was your weekend?

Plenty of good red wine, plenty of music and excellent company so all in all a pretty good weekend.


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TMI Tuesday: September 6, 2016

1. What was one of the best parties you’ve attended?

It’s fair to say I’ve been to a few good ones through my life. I think probably though it would have been a couple of New Years parties back in the mid 90’s. Young, carefree, any number of mind altering liquids and substances and an appetite for excess made for many a good time!

2. What is your first memory of being really excited?

Probably the first time I saw the original Star Wars. I was only two but remember it like it was yesterday.

3. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

Probably records. I spent a huge amount of my own money when I was young on records.

4. What story does your family always tell about you?

I’m glad to say I honestly can’t think of any embarrassing tales that they recounted.

5. At what age did you become an adult?

I don’t think I’ve ever become an adult and I hope I never do! There’s many things, especially in my personal life I take very seriously but for the most part I’m still the same long haired 18 year old hedonist I was back then. The only downside being the 40 something body doesn’t cope as well as the 18 year old!

Bonus: Do you often subscribe to new comments/replies on blogs? Or do you manually go back to see if someone has responded to what you wrote?

I never subscribe. I check back and I get notifications from the app and respond. I’m not as fastidious with responses and stats as I used to be.
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Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair

Not really sure if I’d class it as a kink but I’d say I have definite and well defined preferences when it comes to hair on the opposite sex. In fact I’d say hair is usually the second thing I look at on a woman after their eyes. 

Maybe it all comes from growing up in the 80’s and being a lifelong fan of rock music but hair has always been important. The big hair styles of that time have probably left a lasting impact on me from my adolescent years. Not least some of the terrible hairstyles I sported back then🙈

The old cliché about gentlemen preferring blondes definitely doesn’t apply to me. For some reason it’s always been brunettes and darker hair I’ve preferred. Indeed I’ve only ever been with one blonde my whole life. That’s not to say I’d avoid someone blonde, it’s just not what catches my eye straight off.

Coloured hair has always been a favourite. I was involved last year with a girl who changed her hair colour as often as her mood! She went from red to blue to green to jet black in a matter of weeks. Was always interesting to guess which shade she would be when I saw her! Even throw into the mix grey. Now this is something I hadn’t even thought about until recently but a young lady of my acquaintance has the most vivid and stunning grey hair.

Now when it comes to style this is for me where it gets clear cut. For me it’s got to be long. Perhaps it’s a primal thing, perhaps it’s just a rock thing again but my eye just seems to home in on long hair. Indeed when I first set eyes on the last girl I was involved with, the first thing that struck me was her long flowing dark hair.

I think it’s a combination of things when it comes to long hair. I love at the beginning of a scene taking time to prepare her hair. One of my favorite things is to rope the hair into a corset. Aesthetically very pleasing, practical and gives us both a chance to warm up for the main event. 

Or that moment when you’re getting frisky together when she stops, wraps her hair up in a bun by herself. You know she means business at that point!

Grabbing a huge fistful of hair and yanking her head back. Leaving her exposed, vulnerable and totally at your control. Such an incredible turn on and obviously not possible with short hair.

Or just something so very simple. Just the feeling of waking up, her hair draped over your chest. A wonderful feeling of closeness.

For me, it’s definitely long hair all the way.
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