A Dominants imperfect side. Love them anyway 



​I feel you stirring beside me. Your fingers delicately and playfully twisting and twirling the hairs on my chest. Your lips softly nuzzling the side of my neck. My nostrils taking in the aroma of you, last night’s perfume still lingering. I open my eyes and as they adjust slowly to the 3am gloom I take in the outline of your body. 

As you slip from view beneath the duvet suddenly all thoughts of sleep vanish and I’m fully alert. Your soft full lips fix themselves around my rapidly stiffening cock. The faintest slurping sounds emerging from beneath the duvet as you work your magic. I wish you could see my face right now. It’s a strange mixture of lust, pleasure and my attempts to control myself. Biting my lip hard to remain in control of my senses as your magic mouth goes to work on me. I don’t know how you do it but I never want it to stop.

You throw off the duvet, all of a sudden the night air doesn’t seem so cold to either of us. Pulling back your long dark hair your eyes meet mine in the half light. Hypnotic, dark and mysterious. You hold my gaze for just a fraction of a second before instinctively casting your gaze downward. 

You roll from between my legs and attempt to straddle me. “No” I say firmly and with one swift movement roll you onto your back. I pin you hard to the bed. For a fraction of a second you seem to want to resist but  Your eyes are telling a different story now. Vulnerable but still full of desire. I roll myself onto you. The weight of my body pressing onto the curves of yours. 

Your body yields. I sink fully inside you. Instinctively my hands pin yours to the bed. Unable to move, no words pass between us, none are needed. Your eyes now don’t leave mine. They are telling their own story now. Still burning with desire but with a hint of softness, almost imperceptible to all but me. Pleading gently for the release we both crave at this moment…

Primal scream

Both emerging from the shadows

Blinded by the sun

Blushing, shy, timid

Fire burning beneath

Scowling, impassive

Quiet and dark

Both waiting to be released

Wine moistened lips

Marked firmly by teeth

The taste of the flesh

The catalyst

The spark that ignites 

The fires deep within both

Finding the next gear

The cold steel 

The hessian

The sound of leather on skin



The contrasts

Released, unfettered

By each other

I’ll meet you there…

The old demons

Long dead

Laying in the cold ground

For all eternity

A new wave

More relentless than before

Rear their head

Creeps closer now

Creeps closer to the foot of the bed

The will to slay

As strong as ever

The strength still there

The chaos that feeds the confusion

Rendered harmless

To dream well

I’ll meet you there


Standing over you, watching, listening to you breathing. 

Sweat from me drips onto your skin, intermingles with the rope and the vivid red visible on your pale skin. 

The controlled raw brutality of the past few hours now gently ebbing from me. Calm now taking it’s place. Not just calm though.


The scowl, dark, brooding, so long a permanent fixture on my face has been replaced by a smile.

TMI Tuesday: August 16, 2016

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1. Where is the most beautiful place on earth and why?

For me, without doubt the north west highlands of Scotland. Beautiful rugged scenery. Fishing, walking and camping. Total.solitude. Somewhere I always find real inner peace.

2. How old is the most expired item in your fridge?

Hmm does wine go out of date? I’ll be honest, I’m pretty organised so I don’t tend to get many expired items.

3. What’s under your bed?

Trying to remember all that’s under there! There’s two bass guitars, any number of guitar pedals. A couple of riding crops, a tennis and a squash racquet. Assorted pairs of shoes and probably much more I cannot remember.

4. What is in your pocket?

My phone, my ATM card, my house keys.

5. Which famous person would you like to be best-friends with? Why?

There’s probably quite a few if I’m honest. I reckon the late great Lemmy Kilminster from Motorhead. He just seemed like such a cool guy and would definitely be a top notch drinking buddy.

6. There is now a line of lacy lingerie for men. Would you wear it or like to see your man in it? See here and here

Oh hell no! Me in lace is just a step too far for anyone🙈

Bonus: Think The Olympics. Men’s gymnastic uniforms–sexy or goofy? Discuss!

I guess I’d have to say goofy. Definitely not something for me under any circumstances.
More TMI here

Infinite Dreams

​My girl, your guy

My light, your dark

My pleasure, your pain

My sanity, your insanity

My insanity, your sanity

Your sadist, my gentle soul

My masochist, Your knight

Your rock, my safe place

Mine, yours


Pinned to the wall by my body weight. All struggles in vain and ceasing immediately. A simple “Hi” the only word spoken as I sweep your long dark hair from your face. Words are unnecessary.

Your dark eyes fixed firmly on the bright blue of mine. Complications, chaos now vanished like the early morning mist under my reassuring comforting gaze. Your eyes can never hide the truth from me. My hand placed lightly on your neck, all remaining doubts disperse with my kiss. You know you are wanted, desired above anything else.

Your body relaxes, melts into my arms. The air of anticipation hangs heavily between us. What has still to come? In your mind you know I’ve planned that meticulously but it will remain a surprise to you until it happens.

You relax fully, placing yourself in my hands, fully free as I throw your body over my shoulder, our adventure awaits us……

In these arms

She had been giving him the grand tour of the house. He was actually quite enjoying it. It was fun and she was good company as he had come to discover. He knew fine well though she was saving the best till last. The large dark foreboding attic at the top of the house. She had teased him about it, calling it her own private playroom. To say he was looking forward to visiting it with her was an understatement.

They walked upstairs and as they walked into the attic he felt very at home. It was dark and atmospheric. Very bare and minimalist. Dotted around were carefully positioned candles. They gave the whole room a very dark Gothic atmosphere. Coupled with the scent from them and the  heat of a warm summer evening it was an intoxicating combination.

He was quite taken with the place. He tried to conceal it but a ghost of a smile flickered on his face. She obviously spotted it too as she had a knowing smile as she looked up at him before bowing her head formally.

He walked over to her and ran his fingers through her long dark hair before grabbing a handful and jerking back her head. She gasped audibly as he kissed her. A raw, harsh aggressive kiss that hinted of the mood that was building rapidly inside him. As their eyes met, he noted the defiance in hers. Her teeth clamped down firmly on his bottom lip. This was no gently nibble though. He didn’t react but he could now taste the blood welling in his mouth. For maybe 20 seconds she was firmly fixed before releasing him. He stepped back and looked at her. Once again she dropped her eyes to the floor. He uttered a single word “strip”.

He turned and began his usual routine. He slowly stripped until he was wearing only his jeans and then started to unpack the toy bag. All the time controlling his breathing and getting himself ready.

He turned to face her now. She was naked in front of him, eyes cast down once more. He reached into his bag and took a short length of thin rope. He walked slowly behind her, his eyes fixed the whole time. Again he grabbed her long dark hair though this time he used the rope to tie the thick hair into a rough ponytail.

He walked back to his bag and withdrew several large neat coils of rope and a thick leather collar. She instinctively raised her chin and he slowly and carefully fastened it around her neck. He began uncoiling the rope. He bent down and put his mouth to her ear. “Slow dance” he whispered cryptically. The smile that spread over her face was infectious. Indeed he had to turn away or he may have found himself grinning!

He began with his work. He moved slowly and methodically, each wrap round her torso perfectly positioned. Each one tight enough just to bite into her skin but not enough to hurt too much. He noted the little shivers running through her body and the gentle purrs from her mouth every so often.

Once satisfied with the harness on her he began work on her wrists. Binding both carefully before raising her arms over her head and looping the rope over the hook in the ceiling.

There she was, all his, in his hands. He placed his hand under her chin and raised her head to look in her eyes. He could see already the dreamy look in them. She was in her happy place already. He placed his hand around her neck and kissed her hungrily once more before tying a blindfold around her eyes.

He took his large curved knife and scraped it over her skin, noting with satisfaction her soft moans. He traced the tip down her body slowly, taking his time. As he reached her hip he nicked the tip into her skin drawing blood. A warm dreamy smile spread over her face as the blood trickled from her skin. He dipped his finger in it and painted marks on her face before placing his finger between her lips.

He ran the knife down between her legs, dragging the blade through the thick bush of pubic hair, letting the cold steel linger. Her body was now a series of shivers. He knew how much pleasure or pain she was experiencing, she would never make a sound.

He knew now what they both wanted. Slowly he withdrew the leather belt from his jeans. Wrapping it round his hand he lifted it to her face and watched as she inhaled the scent of the new leather deep within her nostrils. He withdrew it and didn’t pause as he swung it hard against her buttocks. Her whole body convulsed. He swung it again quickly, again the same reaction but with a soft deep purr from deep inside her. Several more times he swung the belt and he watched her body going more and more limp.

He dropped the belt and picked up the knife once more. Slicing through the ropes to free her she seemed to melt into his arms. He sat down on the bare floorboards of the attic and pulled her close into his arms. Both their minds on fire. She breathed heavily, her face buried in his chest. Her safe place.