Kink of the Week July 1-15: Kneeling


The act of kneeling. Of all the acts within the lifestyle it’s one of the simplest yet one of the most utterly evocative.

In it’s simplest form it’s the act of submission. That first time she takes her place at your feet it stirs just about every emotion for me possible. Here is this girl, the object of your desire. You have worked hard to prove yourself worthy and she has now willingly kneeled before you. Put herself in this vulnerable position just for you. For me it goes beyond kink. Desire, oh yes and in vast quantities! Pride though and a primal desire to protect. 

It’s from that point onwards that it will generally become part of our rituals. I’m not one for having my submissive in that position for long periods of time. Merely in the form of an observance.

On the opposite side of the coin I find kneeling to be effective as punishment. When used in conjunction with corner time it’s pretty damn effective at focusing a bratty mind!

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13 thoughts on “Kink of the Week July 1-15: Kneeling

  1. How interesting. I’m wondering how that position is reconciled in her head as one of the power you spoke of but then it’s one of punishment. My thoughts are fraying in mixed messages but it’s still quite fascinating.

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  2. As a submissive, when I kneel it is usually before a punishment, but I also kneel if my dom(also my husband) is busy. It lets him know that I would like his attention but also that I am respecting that he is busy with his own things at that moment. He has ever asked me to kneel for any other reason then a punishment or waiting for a punishment.

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  3. Kneeling as punishment is not really a thing for us. It is more an act of sexual expression and desire… as well as my favourite position for sucking his cock


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