Kink of the Week July 16-31: Vibrators


I first encountered vibrators in the late 90’s. A girl I was seeing at the time had a few of them. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t that impressed. They were the old Ann Summers products. Hard plastic bullet shaped and a pretty ludicrous, what I later discovered was a Rampant rabbit. I could see their potential and they obviously did the job pretty well but in all honesty, I never really gave them another thought and using them on myself was never of any interest.

It wasn’t until years later they started to find a place in the tool box. Not in vast quantities by any means but I usually have two in there.

This one from lovehoney is cheap as chips and powerful for it’s size. Works a treat too.

Really though, the one I tend to use most is the ubiquitous wand. I used the Hitachi model for a long time. As good as it is I never liked having to plug it in.


Meet Darth! My current favourite wand incarnation. It’s not as powerful as some of the models available but does the job well.

For denied orgasm it builds things quite nicely. Really nice when I’m feeling in a sadistic mood! 

By far my favourite use though is for forced orgasm. Time spent on rope work and then incorporating it into the tie. Switch on and watch the fun unfold😈

I think vibrators are like most of the toys and tools we use, they’ve all got their time and place. Not something that comes out of the tool box every time I play though.

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F4TF #32 – Spreading it around

Do you believe one gender is more naturally promiscuous than the other? Why do you think this is?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really cared for the word promiscuous. It’s always smacked of judgement and as if to be promiscuous is somehow wrong.

As for which gender is more promiscuous, well I couldn’t really say. I think it’s in us all to a certain extent. It’s more a conscious choice that some choose to go down that road and others don’t. I suppose, growing up in the 1980’s with the shadow of AIDS looming large before I’d even had sex, it probably had a certain impact on some of my age group.

As for myself, I’ve never been what I’d class as promiscuous. As one female friend once described me, a “serial monogomist”.  I’ve been extremely lucky through my adult life to enjoy probably more than my fair share of female company. I can however say, that I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had one night stands. The whole casual thing just never really did it for me. I always needed more than a quick fuck to keep me happy! There’s certainly never been any moral thought behind it all, it’s always just been what made me happiest.

Kink of the Week July 1-15: Kneeling


The act of kneeling. Of all the acts within the lifestyle it’s one of the simplest yet one of the most utterly evocative.

In it’s simplest form it’s the act of submission. That first time she takes her place at your feet it stirs just about every emotion for me possible. Here is this girl, the object of your desire. You have worked hard to prove yourself worthy and she has now willingly kneeled before you. Put herself in this vulnerable position just for you. For me it goes beyond kink. Desire, oh yes and in vast quantities! Pride though and a primal desire to protect. 

It’s from that point onwards that it will generally become part of our rituals. I’m not one for having my submissive in that position for long periods of time. Merely in the form of an observance.

On the opposite side of the coin I find kneeling to be effective as punishment. When used in conjunction with corner time it’s pretty damn effective at focusing a bratty mind!

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​All resistance melts.

All fighting stops as the hand encircles the neck. 

The noise stuck fast in a primal silent scream. 

The knife works fast, unyielding. 

Clothes despatched in tatters. 

Flesh owned. 

White lines turn to red. 

A madness consuming both. 

Dragged, thrown, ravaged, devoured. 

Surrendered to the carnal frenzy burning within them

F4TF #30 – One Or Many?

Is monogamy a natural inclination? Probably not. There’s probably some deep seated part in the DNA of everyone that wants to mate with as many people as possible! I think the whole concept of it is more down to social convention than anything else.

With the exception of one poly relationship when I was very much younger, I’ve always been monogamous. I’ll not pretend that it wasn’t a fun time because it was. I realised pretty quickly though that it didn’t suit me for many reasons.

I’m not the jealous type but I am entirely territorial. I’ve never been keen on sharing. What’s mine is mine alone. It would be pretty damn hypocritical of me to have that attitude and still expect a partner to share me with someone else!

It’s always just seemed easier to me to stick to one person at a time. Potential jealousy aside, it means I can focus my attention entirely on that person. It just makes life easier in my opinion. I can be pretty full on and tend to put in a lot of effort. To attempt to do this with more than one equally would be far too exhausting frankly. This has always been the way with me no matter if the relationship has been full on D/s or just play partners. I’m not greedy so one is definitely enough.

I honestly don’t see a time when this will ever change. I’m quite discerning when it comes to relationships. If I’m in one, I’m there for a good reason. I may have a bit of a roving eye in that I do tend to flirt a lot but I’ve never really had the desire to have my own “harem”.

For me, monogamy has always been a very conscious choice and with very rare exceptions, it’s certainly one that I’ve never found to be a hard choice. I know many people are happy with the poly life and more power to them. Me, I’ll stick to one on one.

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