Kink of the Week June 1-15: Pubic Hair

I always have had kinda mixed feelings when it comes to pubic hair. I’ve been around long enough to remember when it wasn’t really an issue. It was just there and that was that. I had been sexually active for quite a while before I came across(pun intended) a girl who was hairless.

From my own point of view, I have from a pretty early age been a trimmer. It’s obviously a very long time ago and I’ve absolutely no idea what possessed me to first do it. Fact was though that visually it added length to the old chap instantly so it was a no brainer from there on in. Who isn’t going to go for the instant ego boost?! Besides, the fact is, I’m a hairy guy so if left unchecked it’s going to be a mess. As for the actual method, I tend to mostly use my beard trimmer.

I do, on occasion shave down there but being someone who uses an open razor, that process is more than a little tricky! It’s worth the hassle once in a while though as I do love the wonderfully smooth feeling down there, especially in the summer. It’s the funny thing about the wonderful world of blogging and twitter because I ended up having a discussion on the subject of male grooming recently with a girl I know and explaining the finer points to her. I do believe her eyes watered😂 I have on one occasion used one of those creams, not something I’m awfully keen to repeat! As for waxing……….NOT A HOPE IN HELL!! There isn’t any force in the universe that could compel me to do that.

I can’t say that the presence or lack of pubic hair is of any great concern to me one way or the other. I suppose if pushed I’d say my preference is for shaved. As a great enthusiast when it comes to oral sex, there’s definitely something far nicer about shaved. It’s the direct skin to skin contact with no interruptions. It somehow, in a strange way, makes things a little more intimate. I suppose as well it does away with the occupational hazard of rougue hairs in the throat too.

As for shaving my partners, this is something I have done many times. It’s something I really enjoy on many levels. It taps into the care and trust aspect I love. It’s a tremendously intimate experience which is a huge turn on, the preparation, the attention to detail of the actual shaving process and of course, careful aftercare. On a more base level it’s another form of blade play because as I mentioned, everything is done with an open razor. Yes, it’s fair to say I am a huge fan.

Would l let a partner shave me? I’m not entirely sure if I would. It’s not something I’ve ever thought about so I’d have to give that some thought. I’ll stay firmly on the fence with that one for now.

I don’t know whether my preference is down to anything other than what I have generally encountered in life or something else. Pubic hair or lack of it isn’t ever going to be a deal breaker, nor is it something I can ever recall being keen to change either way on a partner.

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28 thoughts on “Kink of the Week June 1-15: Pubic Hair

  1. The open blade shaving sounds very hot!
    I see my grooming as a private issue and think I’d be uncomfortable in that position… Like I’m being seen in my less than perfect state.
    Having said that your post made me think… The vulnerability of the situation appeals to me and it sound incredibly intimate.
    I guess I have a hang up about wanting to appear, well… Perfect and if I haven’t taken care of that business I’d be awkward about revealing myself. Does that make sense?

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  2. Very interesting. In my personal experience I have only ever allowed one person to shave me down below and it took a great deal of trust but I have to say I prefer shaved lol x

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  3. I have all my original pubic hair, in this age of Brazilian waxing & bleaching of the ass holes. But then again, I don’t do spray-on tan, I don’t wear fake nails or hair extensions.

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  4. It honestly depends on my mood sometimes I’m natural. Sometimes I’m shaved. I will never wax. Never. It sounds painful. And o will not go through pain just so a man can find me aesthetically pleasing. Hairy or smooth it’s a privilege for him to even get to be down there. As for being shaved by someone else I’ve never done it. But I had a man that wanted to do that for me if I was open to it. I considered it

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  5. I love the idea of being shaved by Michael, the whole trust aspect and the intimacy of it is a big turn on. It is not something we have done….yet but I suspect at some point it will feature.


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  6. I posted a picture on Fet last week and was shamed for my pubic hair in private messages. When I wrote a response piece giving a call out, I got some wonderful comments and stories in my thread. There seems to be a societal expectation to be hair free down there these days and it’s a little alarming if you ask me. Everyone should be able to wear their body the way the want IMO. Here is a link to an interesting video I found

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