F4TF #29 – Talking Dirty?

Talking dirty: “Fuck Yeah!” or “Ewww, NO!”

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you like it or not? Why? What kind of things, if any do you like to say or have said?

My simple reaction to the question is a massive Fuck Yeah! It’s something I’ve always loved.

For someone that has always loved words and language in general it’s probably no great shock. I’ve noticed the past few years especially it seems to be making even more of a comeback, if indeed it ever went away.

It’s part of the seduction, it’s a huge part, certainly for me, of the actual sex. I guess that it’s probably down to the way we interact these days. We spend more and more time on our phones and modern life sometimes keeps us apart for periods. You gotta get creative at times to keep it interesting.

What form does it take? Well I guess it tends to be more subtle filth for most of it. I suppose you’d probably say it was more suggestive rather than actual filth.  When I’m with someone I like to try and  seduce them every day. Especially if I’m not always with them for whatever reason.

If I’m heading out to meet them, I’ll often phone or message en-route and describe in pretty graphic detail exactly what I have in store. I rather love the thought of them sitting, playing it over in their head. That usually has the desired effect!

As for during, I tend to be very quiet initially then when the testosterone starts to spike I become very vocal. It’s actually one of the few times I genuinely become quite filthy! It does tend to surprise at times. A kind of Jekyll and Hyde thing. Not just filth of course. A quiet command or growl delivered in her ear at just the right moment can be even more effective!

I’m quite lucky in that I have the slightly gravelly tones for it. Indeed possibly the nicest compliment I have ever been paid was very recent. It was suggested that I could make reading a cake recipe sound sexy with my voice! Cue monstrous ego boost😂

As for my partners, I love to hear them being vocal and spout filth. It’s guttural, it’s wanton and I bloody love it! There’s a time and a place for ladylike behaviour but that isn’t one of them! The filthier the better as far as I’m concerned. I like to know she’s having as much fun as I am so it’s definitely a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Night train

He hated trains. He hated the noise, he hated how uncomfortable they were. He hated sharing his personal space with other people. Here he was though on the sleeper train heading home. It had been a great weekend. A concert and a catch up with old friends. A bit of a blur if he was honest but just what he needed to recharge the batteries. He chuckled to himself as he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window of the buffet car. Dressed in his customary black but looking even more disheveled than usual. He may still like to act like a teenager but a weekend of partying certainly showed these days.

He settled down as the train left the station. He decided to sit and drink his coke and chill for a while before turning in. The body may be tired but the brain was still wide awake.

He heard the carriage doors open and he looked up. In walked a young woman. A rather striking young woman in fact. Tall, very tall. Her light hair seemed to shimmer in the dull lights of the train. He watched as she ordered her drink and made her way to one of the many empty seats. Instinctively as she walked towards he stood up and asked if she wanted to join him and to his delight she agreed. Maybe this journey won’t be quite as bad he reflected to himself.

They talked for a while. The usual pleasantries between strangers. They were from the same city etc. All the time he, despite his veneer of gentlemanly behaviour, was not only mentally undressing her but already had her bound and cuffed to the bed in his mind. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and tried to concentrate. Watching her closely he’d swear there was a knowing smile playing on her face, especially when she grinned at him over the top of her glasses! Dear God he was struggling now.

The train was rumbling through the English countryside when she decided to retire for the night. They said their goodbyes and more out of habit than any realistic chance he gave her his card and told her to call. They shook hands and her parting words to him were “I like your ring”. With that she left.

Funny how he’d forgotten how tired he was now. He doubted that she knew the significance of the ring. Probably just that it looked nice. He chuckled to himself. It was like the plot of some really awful chick flick or some dodgy porn film. He decided that since he wasn’t going to get any sleep he may as well have a drink. At least it was something mildly productive.

Just then he heard his phone beep and he checked it. He was a little taken a back….

“There’s a big naked sub all alone in her room……what you gonna do about it? Berth C6 if you figure it out”

To hell with the drink he thought as turned and strode in the direction of the carriage. He was trying very hard to wipe the smug look off his face before he got there.

Berth C6, here it was. Stand up straight, deep breath, the usual stupid routine followed by a firm knock on the door. He heard movement and the door being unlocked before it opened just a fraction. Her grinning face appeared and then beckoned him in and stepped back. He stepped inside and locked the door behind him.

She was true to her word. There she stood before him wearing nothing but her glasses. He looked her up and down, licking his lips at the thought of what was to come.

She made to speak but he put his finger to her lips. She stopped and bowed her head slightly before falling to her knees in front of him. Within seconds she had his belt undone and his already hard cock in her mouth. Eager didn’t really describe it accurately enough. A series of small involuntary growls escaped from his throat. Fuck but this girl was good! He grabbed a handful of her hair but she needed no guidance at all. She was moving faster by the second, his hips now thrusting, fucking her face furiously.

He was so close, she sensed this as she took him all the way down her throat. She looked up at him and give his the sexiest look he’d ever seen. He was done. She never flinched as it hit the back of her throat and she gleefully never missed a drop.

He was panting as she stood up and flashed her dazzling smile at him once again. “I suppose I better get some sleep, I’m supposed to be working in the morning” she said in an almost coy manner. He laughed, “Sleep?” he said, it’s four hours till arrival and we haven’t even got warmed up yet……….

If music be the food of “love”……

Today’s rambling was inspired by a post yesterday that can be found here

I’ve always loved music. I listen to it almost constantly. I play it(very badly) as often as I can. Makes sense to me to  at times like to incorporate it into my kink playtime. Two of my great pleasures combined.

My usual playlist is a bit of a mixed bag of heavy rock, industrial and classical music. It’s very much tailored to me and my moods. Each chosen for a different reason.

It may be because the lyrics help set the mood and get further into “the zone”. It may be because of the loud thumping nature of some of it makes it perfect to be blasted loud and enhance sensory deprivation. More often than not it’s about the beat. Many have just the perfect beat for rhythmically working a pair of floggers.

Like most things it’s not something for every scene. It’s really down to my mood at the time.

My Spotify playlist can be found below

F4TF #28 – What Do You Do?

How do you refer to sex? Do you “Fuck” or “Make Love”? Which terms do you like/dislike and why do you feel that way about them?

I foresee yet another euphemism filled topic!

This one got me thinking as always. Trying to remember all the colourful terms I’ve used throughout my adult life. I guess it  was simpler back then. I’d have used the phrases “do it” or “doing it”. Simple and child-like almost I guess. I’m struggling to recall many of the terms I’d have used, especially in my younger days. Being Scottish we have a wonderfully wide range of playground names for it!

I suppose the main ones, as mentioned in the question would be making love and fucking.

Now I suppose we could argue the point that technically you have to be in love to be making love. Then again, no matter what your feelings may be, if you are in full S&M mode would you really use the term making love? I guess sometimes it would fit regardless. Probably depends on context and if I’m in one of my tender moods(yeah they do happen occasionally).

I think fuck and fucking has pretty much become ubiquitous. For me it’s probably the most versatile too. Whispered gently, ” Baby I just want to hold you and fuck you all night” or alternatively growled “I am going to fucking fuck you all night” and you get the picture!

As for terms I don’t like, there aren’t really that many. I’d probably say the one I care least for is bonk. I remember it was popular in the 90’s and it just didn’t sound right to me. It’s way too child like and sounds like a noise a cartoon character would make rather than a sexual act!

Overall, on reflection, I’m definitely firmly on the side of fuck.

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F4TF #27 – Bits ‘n’ Bobs

What are your favourite terms for referring to “those” bits of your/your partner’s body? Which terms do you utterly detest? Why do you feel that way about them?

It’s the wonderful thing about the English language. So many words for so few body parts. Let’s be honest, just to list all the colourful euphemisms could comfortably fill a page!

When I’m writing I suppose I use different words for each part depending on the tone or context of what I’m writing. I suppose the same is true when “in flagrante”. Tone, mood and intensity would probably subconsciously make me choose a particular term.

If I’m being polite or terribly formal then I’d probably refer to ” gentleman’s parts” or even “the old chap”! More often than not though I simply use the word cock. It’s the funny thing, I can’t think of any term that I’d particularly dislike.

Boobs, again are pretty simple. Boobs, tits, breasts, take your pick. I suppose in this case my super polite euphemism would be ” the girls “. Again I honestly can’t think offhand of any term that I have any real dislike for.

Female parts are a little more awkward. There really is no in between here. Cunt is not a word I’m particularly fond of but in many situations it just somehow seems right. Many of the other words just seem quite infantile and almost child-like. Pussy is almost ubiquitous I suppose and is just about passable. Here though is one of the few cases of a euphemism I don’t care for. One girl in my past referred to it as her ” foofoo”. I had never heard that one before or since but for me was a total and utter turn off! Each to their own I suppose.

TMI Tuesday: June 14, 2016

1. Do you obsess over having an orgasm during partner sex? Are you disappointed if you do not orgasm?

The short answer is no to both of those points. I learned very quickly there was much more to sex than the actual orgasm.

2. Why are you into gay porn?

I’ve no interest in it whatsoever.

3. Why aren’t you into gay porn?

I’m a straight man. The only cock of any interest to me is attached to me!

4. Do you use drugs to have or enhance sex? (Yes, alcohol is a drug).

No. I have, when I was a teenager, used certain conscious changing substances during sex but that was well over 20 yrs ago. These days I don’t even drink at all before sex. I prefer to be 100% in control and I think I enjoy it more that way too. They certainly have no place at all in the kink arena.

5. Do you believe that you are much more sexually open-minded/risky/kinky than most of your previous partners and friends?

Definitely much more than my friends. For the most part also more than most of the partners I’ve been with. It’s fair to say I’m blessed(or cursed at times) with a very high sex drive and a pretty insatiable thirst for most things kinky. I’m a little bit too full on at times for some!

Bonus: Do you believe in ethical non-monogamy, even if it isn’t right for you? Why or Why not?

It’s never been for me. I’ve been monogamous pretty much all of my life. The whole poly relationship thing just isn’t for me. I’ve always preferred to focus all my attention and energy on just one at a time.
It’s not for me to judge however. I’ve known plenty of people who it’s worked perfectly well for and more power to them if that’s their thing.

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TMI Tuesday: June 7. 2016

1. What TV show do you love to watch but are a little embarrassed to tell friends that you simply cannot miss an episode.

I don’t actually watch a huge amount of TV if I’m honest. I guess the ones I really enjoy that might surprise some are Holby City and Strictly come dancing………yes I just outed myself as a Strictly fan😯

2. What website and/or magazine do you read and it’s your guilty pleasure?

Tricky one. I occasionally pick up a copy of Kerrang magazine, only to remind myself I’ve no idea who half of the bands in it are these days.

3. What is the grocery store item you buy but you know you should not?

Generally alcohol based special offers. I really shouldn’t but I can’t resist a bottle of good wine on special offer.

4. Tell us about something you do at work that you would not want your co-workers to know that you do.

The only thing I can think of is my blog. I do tend to get ideas or a particularly graphic memory will pop into my head when bored at work. I do have a habit of writing it down when I should be working.

5. Do you have a secret stash? What is it?

Not really so secret but I’ve always got a few jars of nutella in the cupboard. I keep the stash topped up as in the event of Armageddon I’d hate to be without.

Bonus: What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

Probably some of my musical tastes. I’m a massive rock fan but in among my collection is a fair amount of albums by Abba and the Bee Gees……

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