TMI Tuesday: May 31, 2016


1. Who are you?

Now there’s a deep question to open with! I am me, nothing more, nothing less and I cannot be anything else.

2. What is your purpose in this world?

Oh this is deep! I guess my purpose is friend, orgasm donor, general pain in the neck!

3. What do you need to be sexually happy?

A willing and kinky female is the short answer!

4. Have you found true love?

No. I don’t think it’s in my destiny.

5. How do you nourish yourself?

Pizza and occasional rum nourishes my body rather well. Music nourishes me spiritually.

6. Do you crave more or less sex now versus 2 years ago?

Definitely more. I’ve always had a very high sex drive but it seems to go further off the scale the older I get!

7. Are you having sex more or less now versus 2 years ago?

Probably more thankfully.

8. Who is sexier–the 20-year-
old you or you right now?

I’d never consider either sexy! If I had to choose I’d definitely say the me right now.

Bonus: Think back to your last sexual encounter–were you emotionally present? Why or Why not?

Only partly emotionally present. It’s just been the nature of who I am for the past while.

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Sinful Sunday 15-Flying the flag


Rather embarrassingly (damn this old age!), I mixed up weeks and thought this week was prompt week😳

So I’ve gone with one from my vault I quite like. Was originally posted on twitter early last year.

Sinful Sunday

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F4TF #25 – Just A Number?

Do you have a preference when it comes to the age of your sexual partners? What is it and why do you think you have it?

Is there a limit in terms of age that you will not break? What’s too young or too old for you? Why?

Age is just a number………It’s one of the(many) clichés I’ve used a great many times through my life. I’ve used it to comfort friends and family. I’ve used it as an offhand throwaway joking manner. The point is, for the most part I certainly believe it.

Do I have an age preference? I can’t say that I consciously do. Most of my recent partners have all been in their mid to late 30’s. I’m not sure if that indicates any general preference or wether it’s just the way it has happened.

In terms of limits, I guess in my head anyway, that’s where it gets a bit more complicated.

When I was in my early twenties I was in a couple of romantic liaisons with older women in their late 30’s. Guess it’d be called a cougar phase these days! It made absolutely no difference to me that there was quite a large age gap. I’ve no idea if my partners had any concerns.

Now the reverse of the coin. At the beginning of this year I was involved with a sub some 17 years younger. An intense but rather brief relationship. I’ll not go into the details but it was somewhere I never thought I’d tread. I was always very uncomfortable on FL when messaged by those much younger. I suppose the difference here was I’d met her, in real life and could see that she was not only mature beyond her years but a damn sight smarter than me! Again I’ll not go into detail because it certainly wasn’t the only reason but ultimately the fact I never felt entirely comfortable was a huge part of why it was so brief.

Would I have been so uncomfortable with someone quite a few years my senior? Probably not. It’s a weird kind of almost hypocrisy but there it is. I’m sure someone much cleverer than me could explain it.

I think it’s fair to say it’s probably easier with someone closer to my own age. There’s a higher chance, apart from anything else that you’ll have far more in common than with a big age gap. At the end of the day though, age really should be just a number.


The moment she did it she instantly regretted it. She had a habit of pushing her luck. He called it “Poking the bear”. She’d never heard the phrase before but somehow it seemed to fit. It was her way. She knew if she pushed it up to a point it would lead to a spanking, maybe he’d even use his belt on her if she was really lucky. Tonight though it was different…….

It had started much the same as any other night he came to stay. He’d walked into her house, greeted her with his customary few words of “Hiya lassie”. A man of few words but as always, an affectionate warmth behind them all the same.

He was dressed, as usual, in his trademark black. Tight black jeans, her favourite studded leather belt, black biker boots, faded Motley Crue t-shirt and his battered old leather jacket. She always teased him about being an 1980’s throwback but the truth was it suited him. It was understated, rugged and masculine.

She had done her usual when he got in and launched herself at him. She was always pleased when he came to stay, indeed she hated the fact they couldn’t spend more time together. He seemed to wince slightly but continued just to hold before shaking off his rucksack and jacket. He pulled off his faded t-shirt and she instinctively buried her face in his chest hair, inhaling his scent. Her eye was drawn to the bright ring which adorned his left nipple.

And that’s when it happened. She knew she shouldn’t but she was just not able to stop herself. She took it between her teeth, all the while looking up at his face and yanked it firmly, in truth a little more firmly than she had intended!

His face didn’t react at all but she felt his body stiffen instantly. For an agonising few seconds time seemed to stand still. She knew she’d gone too far. She dropped to her knees at his feet and bowed her head. “I’m so sorry” she said over and over. She looked up at him, the bastard was smirking! “Don’t apologise” he muttered, “I know what a brat you are and you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation”. She should have known, she thought to herself, Him and his twisted sense of humour!

He backed away from her uttering a single word, “strip”. She knew better than to push her luck by speaking any more and was quickly naked and back on her knees, head bowed before him.

There was no sound from the room except for the sound of her breathing and his footsteps on the laminate floor. He paced slowly, deliberately round her submissive form in front of him. Watching, gauging, taking in every breath, every little movement of her body. She had no idea how long this went on for. She became aware of him standing just in front of her. She didn’t even look up as she heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being undone. She felt herself flush and her heart beat faster. This was exactly what she craved. She jumped as it clattered to the ground in front of her, quickly followed by a large length of perfectly plaited rope. She was doing her best to contain herself when she became aware of him stopped in front of her. She could feel his eyes burning into her.

She looked up at him, his face was a picture of concentration but still had his slight knowing smirk. He had his large knife in his hand and she could see he was scoring and nicking the leather end of a very large crop. He looked down at her “Aww, did you think I was going to use my belt lassie? That’s only for when you’re a good girl. Do you think you’ve been a good girl?” he asked her, his voice positively dripping with sarcasm.

She dropped her head once more, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her disappointment. He placed the end of the crop under her chin and raised her head so she was looking at him. His demeanour had suddenly changed. “Assume the position” he growled quietly and firmly.

She was about to protest but she thought better of it. She moved herself into position over the sofa and waited for what was coming. He, as usual seemed in no hurry. He seemed content to let the burning ache build up inside her to the point where she would beg. Indeed that seemed to fire him up even more.

She looked round at him. He was still dressed in his jeans but had removed his boots and socks. She turned her head back and he chose that moment to bring the crop down hard against her exposed flesh. She screamed and swore as it connected. Oh how she hated the concentrated sting of the crop but the mix of pleasure and pain was already taking over her. “What have I told you about unladylike language lassie”? he growled at her. “ You told me it will get me fucked twice as hard you sadistic bastard!” she screamed back defiantly!

He laughed, a deep growling laugh “You learn damn quick and I love that defiance in you!” he said.

It spurred him though. The crop connected in a series of rapid hits. She said nothing, she was determined not to give him the satisfaction. Even as the first orgasm hit her body she remained composed. Daring him in her own way to push further. She wanted to scream a stream of obscenities at him, she wanted to goad him but her best defiance was to show him nothing. Another powerful orgasm hit her. He seemed to sense this and stopped. She knew exactly what he’d be doing at this moment. He never had a camera when they were together but she knew he’d be taking a mental picture of the marks he’d placed on her. Storing them for future use as he put it!

She heard rustling as he took off his jeans.

“Well my little smart arse”, he muttered, “you’ve had your fun, time for me to take mine”.  She groaned as without warning she felt his weight on her and him inside her. She knew, the mood he was in that this would be anything but gentle and so it proved. He was growling again, in his primal, have to have you right now mood. She felt the fire building again in her as he slammed hard and fast inside her. He had a fistful of her long hair in his hand. Oh how she wanted to cum right now. She felt his speed building, his full weight now fully pinning her to the sofa. Her body was screaming for him to say the words. She didn’t know how much more she could take then he yanked her head back and growled in her ear “cum for me now”……….

They both collapsed onto the sofa. Both panting, even he had a trace of a grin on his face. He held her for a while before standing up. She stood and made to move to the kitchen. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked. “I haven’t even started with you!”  In an instant he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, slapped her ass hard and started walking to the bedroom. She screamed, partly from surprise, partly from laughing. She was a big girl but this was his party trick. She knew his back would be sore in the morning but she knew the quiet dark man meant exactly what he said.

The hand that feeds




No matter what has gone before

No matter what currently occupies

Can such a space ever be fully filled

The past, present and future collide

The taste forever

Still fresh on the lips

Moving ever forward

Though never forgetting

Words and voices

Of comfort and despair

In equal measure

Bitterly aware of distance

The gulf that now exists

Seeming wider by the day

The desire to possess

Undiminished by the passing of time

The memories an ever present companion

F4TF #24 – Location, Location, Location

Is there a location that you have never had sex in/at but you would love to try it?

A car? cinema? outdoors? the beach? a church?

Do you think it will ever happen? What has stopped you doing it so far?

Excellent question. I suppose I’ll go through the list to start.

A car. Yes, a few times. Not being a car driver myself the opportunity’s are kinda of limited. I’m not a huge fan though I have to say. Bit too cramped for my liking. I like a bit of space to stretch out.

Cinema…..not actual sex. I did get a rather memorable blow job however. Certainly more fun than the film that was showing!(Four weddings and a funeral for the record).

Outdoors…….my absolute favourite place. I’ve always loved AL fresco sex! The best thing about it is that it’s always so different. I have to say, one of the most memorable being in January this year during heavy snow… of the most fun sessions I’ve ever had. Doesn’t sound fun but it was incredible. What I’d really love is outdoor fun in a huge thunderstorm! That would something just amazing to me.

The beach…….just the once and not something I’d be keen to repeat. That sand gets literally everywhere🙈

A church……being a lifelong Heathen I’ve never set foot in a church so I think that this one is highly unlikely.

As for places I haven’t yet, I guess I rather like the idea of having sex over my desk at work. Indeed, the idea featured quite heavily in many fantasies in the past and no doubt will in the future.

Chances of it happening? Probably rather slim. I think it might be somewhat frowned upon by my co workers and my manager!

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TMI Tuesday: May 24, 2016

BFFs, sex, and break-ups

1. Hey, how are you doing?

Pretty damn good thanks for asking. A nice equilibrium where I could be happier but at the same time reasonably contented.

2. You are given a strong but soft to the touch (and on the skin) rope. What will you do? (pick just one). Explain your choice.
a. Throw it in the garage to use later to tie down a tarp or something.
b. Use it for indoor wall rock climbing.
c. Tie up your lover and have your way with him/her.
d. Lasso your secret crush and take them with you.

I’m rather proficient with rope but I never could get the hang of lassoing so the answer would definitely be C. Besides, I’m don’t really do the secret bit.

3. Tell us 3 reasons why you or anyone should masturbate.

Generally either because I am
Or just because I can.

4. Would you have sex with your best friend? Have you had sex with a best friend in the past? How’d that work out–did you stay friends?

I have done, many years ago with a close friend. The friendship was fine as a result.
These days, my friends tend to all be either married or have very similar taste in women as me!

5. What are your top 5 reasons to break up with someone?

Infidelity (a one way ticket to dumpsville)
Lack of communication
Sexual incompatibility
I’m hard work

Bonus: Post an image you find erotic? What about it arouses you?


For me, it’s the anticipation that shines through in this image that gets me

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TMI Tuesday: May 17, 2016

Bad Times

1. Have you ever had bad sex? Why do you think it was bad?

I scratched my head at this question. I can’t say I’ve really had any bad sex but there’s a few times that given my time again, I wouldn’t bother.

2. Have you ever given bad sex? Why did that happen?

I certainly hope not! I always try to bring my “A game”. I suppose I’m not really the one to ask that question.

3. What instantly puts you in a bad mood?

Of hand I honestly can’t think of anything that would do that instantly. I’m generally quite patient and it takes a lot.

4. Have you been hurt during a sexual activity? What was the activity? How were you hurt or injured?

Nothing major I’m glad to say. Just the general aches and sprains. I did have a piercing bleed due to an overenthusiastic teeth tug so I suppose that would be the worst.

5. During sex, what instantly turns you off?

Being called daddy! For me it is just such a total and utter turn off.

6. Bad sex–is there really such a thing?

Hmmm I’m not sure bad sex is such a thing(from a male point of view at least). Some is definitely much better than others though.

Bonus: Biting during sex–
a. do you like it?
b. do you do it?

Omg that’s a yes to both every time! I love it!

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Cuts like a knife

****Let me start this post with a little warning to you all. It’s not just a snappy title, this post is about knives and knife play. I know for many of you, indeed I have close friends, for whom this subject is a massive trigger. If you fall into that category then you might want to leave. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone.****

OK, that’s the first warning out of the way. Now a few more so please bear with me. I’m not writing this as an instructional blog. I’ve been playing with knives for a great many years but I am still learning. There are many people out there far more qualified than me to instruct. I’m merely sharing my thoughts and opinions on a subject that has always fascinated me immensely.

Safety is always going to be paramount. Remember what you are dealing with hear. A metal object whose primary function is to cut. It’s not something I’d recommend to anyone inexperienced. Also let’s not forget the basic hygiene element. Now personally I’ve been monogamous pretty much all my life. Any knife, indeed any toy is bonded as soon as it’s been used so it’s not so much of an issue. It never touches another human. It’s something worth remembering from a health point of view if you’re in a poly relationship. Another good idea is a basic first aid kit near to hand. It doesn’t matter how skillful you think you are, accidents can happen.

For me the greatest aspect of knife play is the sheer amount of trust involved. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, you have something in your hand that is not only capable of scarring for life the person you care about but potentially ending that life. Just stop and let that thought sink in! Never forget exactly what is in your hand. There is never any room for cockiness or complacency. Respect the blade at all times.

Total control over your partner, this is a tremendous thrill. She is totally at your mercy. The physiological effects are immediate. Nothing else I can think of has such an effect so quickly. You can see and feel her trembling, partly out of excitement, partly out of fear. Despite all the trust she’s shown you, you can still see the fear burning in her eyes. “There’s no fun without the fear” was a phrase someone recently used when discussing knife play and I think that is a totally accurate description. It plays heavily to my sadistic side. We both know, deep down I’m never going to hurt her but that doesn’t alter the thrill that the fear gives to both of us.

Something that gets me every time(though can get to be damned expensive if you get carried away) is the sound and feeling of cutting her clothes and underwear off. The first cut as the knife bites into the material, the sound as it slowly cuts through it. More shivers running through her body.

All this before the blade has even properly come into contact with her skin! That first touch though…….this is when it really starts to get intense. The first touch is usually when even the brattiest of bottoms realises that shit just got real! Turning the flat of the blade over against her cheek, watch the reaction in her eyes!

Tracing it lightly across her throat, maybe even applying a little more pressure. The soft dance of the point and the edge across her skin. Stopping to draw shapes on her skin with the point. Delicately caring your initials in her breasts and ass(love this). Touching the flat of the blade or a blunter edged knife against her cunt. I could go on and on but you get the idea. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, skill and obviously by any pre determined limits she may have.


A few recent aquisitions

To finish I’ll say this, get to know your knives. Don’t just grab the first one that comes to hand. Know how sharp each one is and how they behave in your hand. I’ve been around blades most of my adult life, indeed I still use an old fashioned open razor to shave. I can put any kind of edge on most blades, but I never fall into the trap of complacency. As you can see from the picture, there’s a couple of identical knives there. These are colour coded so I know in an instant exactly what I have in my hand. The red handle has a wickedly sharp edge whereas the black has a far more dull edge. Little things like that make all the difference.

It’s primal, it taps into the sadistic side of the wielder and the fear of the “victim”. It can be incorporated into any scene. My current preference is to have my sub unrestrained and let the fear do the work of holding her in place but it works just as well when she is bound. It can be as light or as hardcore as you desire.

It’s fair to say that it really is a hard limit for an awful lot of people. It’s undoubtedly one of the most polarising kinks we have. Done properly though it can be one of the most rewarding in my humble opinion. Just never lose sight of exactly what you’re holding in your hand.