He woke quite suddenly, a tangled mass of limbs and duvet. Oh well he thought, at least he’d slept for once. As he came to, his senses started to kick in. He became aware of an aroma filling his nostrils. A mixture of Fahrenheit, Allure and sex. In that instant he smiled inwardly and remembered where he was.

The vivid memories of last night came flooding back to him. Her body restrained fully and under his control, just the way he liked it. How he had held her on the edge of orgasm for over two hours. The sadistic pleasure of watching her, the frustration growing by the minute. Almost daring her to react. He had to admit, he admired her self control. For so long he could see in her face that she wanted to cry out, beg even to be allowed to cum.

In the end she had lost her composure and called him an evil twisted cunt! He grinned to himself as he remembered how he’d feined shock. “Now now, there’s no need for such unladylike language” he’d said in a mocking tone. “I think we’ll have to continue for a while until you can be more civil”.

Eventually she gave in and begged him to let her cum. In the short time he’d known her he’d never seen her climax with such ferocity! He smiled again to himself at the memory of her launching herself at him when he’d untied her. A wildcat would probably have been an accurate description. They were a blur of nails, teeth and lust. By the time they’d drifted off to sleep finally, they were both more than a little sore.

He untangled himself from the duvet and walked to the bathroom. She was in the shower. He stood watching her, admiring her. The teeth marks that covered her breasts showing vividly. Good luck explaining those he thought to himself! She stepped out of the shower. Yeah, they were vivid. He grabbed her, her naked wet flesh against his. “Don’t be getting any ideas Mr, some of us have to leave for work in 20 minutes”

So 20 minutes later she was climbing into her car and he was pulling on his helmet. Once again getting the combined aroma of her perfume and his aftershave. He was about to start the bike when she rolled down her window. “Do you ever do gentle”? she asked. “I’ll Google it when I get home” he replied. She laughed a deep throaty laugh as she pulled out the driveway.

F4TF #20 – Lady Parts

For guys and girls who like girls -does how a woman’s genitals look matter to you? Do you think there is an ‘ideal’ look?

For everyone – do you think porn has impacted on how we think about the appearance of women’s genitalia? (Bleaching, hair removal, cosmetic surgery etc?)

Ah lady parts, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

Yeah yeah, huge shock I know but  I love lady parts. I love how they look, the subtle aroma of them, the taste, that unique sound  and most importantly the feel. You could in fact say the pretty much appeal to all the senses. Nature’s gift that keeps on giving as it were.

As for what they actually look like, I wouldn’t say it was that important to me. As long as it’s well kept and more importantly clean then it’s basically all good. I’m not particularly concerned by much else. I’m old enough to remember when female pubic hair was an actual thing but more about that later. I suppose, if pushed I’d say my preference was for shaven or close trimmed.

Ultimately though, functionality trumps appearance any day in my book. I love the feeling of being tightly enveloped!

As for how porn has impacted on them? Well I think it’s had a pretty big impact in fairness. As I said,  I’m old enough to remember when pubic hair grew wild and free! These days, well it’s been a while since I was with anyone au natural. Virtually every woman these days at least trims and it seems more and more are completely hair free down there. Add things like piercings down below (a relatively new one to me) and it’s clear there’s some influence.

I think that this is especially true in younger women. I think most anyone under the age of 30 will have grown up and seen the “ideal body type”. It seems to be seen these days that pubic hair is strange somehow or unnatural which is a real shame in my humble opinion.

More Food for Thought here

Sound of silence

The sounds of sleep surround

Newly succumbed by my side

Mind so easily quietened

But mine never comes easily

Watching, listening, thinking

Pleasures so forcefully taken

So willingly surrendered

Carnal desires

So brutally satisfied

Body cries out for sleep

Long since crashed

Yet mind so painfully alive

The sound of silence

Never in my brain

The flash of the blade

You are standing there in your now, what seems like familiar position, pinned against the wall and staring into my eyes. You don’t blink, your eyes never leave mine. Your breathing heavy with anticipation, a slight shiver runs through your body. Good. A healthy dose of fear is always a good thing.

As I unsheathe the blade for the first time I see the fear in your eyes now. You try to speak but the words freeze in your throat. I hold up the blade between us, spinning it between my fingers, feeling your reaction, feeding on it. A wry smile spreads across my face. Your eyes still transfixed by the movement of the blade.

You flinch as I touch the flat cold steel against your cheek. I look you straight in the eyes,  “Be still and trust me” I mutter quietly. Your body freezes once more.

I hook the blade under your old t-shirt and slowly cut away the material. As it falls away I move the blade down to your stomach and let the tip dance over your skin, teasing you gently, watching your reaction all the while before slipping the blade down the front of your panties. You gasp again as it slices through the cotton.

Now I run the tip of the blade over your breasts. I notice you biting your lip as I trace my initials into both of them. The faintest of marks appearing. A reminder, if needed of who now owns you.

Twist of cane

She hasn’t known him that long. They had been set up by mutual friends. Funny thing was she hasn’t quite known what to make of him on that first meeting. Quiet, brooding, maybe even a little cold. Dressed all in black, his body language gave very little away. His eyes were bright blue but seemed cold and distant, maybe even hiding a little sadness behind them. Hard to fathom but if she was honest with herself there was something about him that fascinated her.

He’d left without giving her his number but she had been given it after he left and encouraged to message him. After many hours of pondering she had finally plucked up the courage and sent him a message, fully expecting not to get a response.

She was pleasantly surprised when within a few minutes he responded. He seemed warmer than he had in person and she was pleased that they seemed to get on well. The guardedness was still there, but he was warm, had a very dry, self deprecating sense of humour and she quickly felt comfortable opening up to him.

As the conversations continued over time she found herself revealing more about herself and her kinks to him. He listened very attentively to her, him giving very little away as always. He seemed more than happy to move to the next stage and from what she knew about him from their mutual friends coupled with her instinct, so was she.

So this is how she found herself in her current location. After his arrival and all the usual pleasantries were out of the way they had adjourned to the bedroom.

She found herself pinned firmly to the wall. They were very similar in both height and size but his strength and speed had shocked her! His demeanour changed now. Gone was the cold aloofness, replaced by something she couldn’t quite read. Almost a hunger, an intensity and focus that she would never probably guessed existed in him. His left hand was firmly on her, his right, having discarded the rucksack from his shoulder was removing her clothes with well practised skill. All the time his stare was firmly on her. She felt herself being drawn into his web.

She stood naked before him for the first time. Very self conscious but aware of a flicker of admiration in his eyes. Without a word he pushed her face down onto the bed. He had told her in detail the night before exactly what he had planned for her but even now the nerves were really rising….along with the excitement.

She turned her head to watch him. He had stripped to the waist. She noticed the studded black leather belt he was wearing, she caught a glimpse of tattoos, Oriental writing of some description on his chest. She was also very aware of the large length of rope he was skillfully preparing in his hands.

He leaned over her, she caught a whiff of his aftershave as he placed the first loops of rope over her shoulders. She gasped as he pulled them tight and she felt them bite into her skin. Slowly and methodically he worked on the rope. Careful with each knot and each wrap. Working it’s way down her arms until he was finished and she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

Her nerves were gone now, replaced by a building ache inside her. She knew what was coming, her body craved it more than it had in a long time. She could tell though that he was watching her, assessing her, waiting for her to speak. Almost torturing her with the anticipation of what was to come. She was aware of him opening the rucksack but other than that all she could hear was the sound of him breathing and his slow deliberate footsteps as he paced around her.

Without warning he brought the cane down hard on her ass. She screamed, partly in surprise, partly in pain, partly in relief. The sting spread through her cheeks and her pulse started to race. She wanted to scream for another but kept her mouth shut. Again he seemed to sense this and was seemed to be deliberately taking his time.  

Then it came again, only this time it was two hard sharp blows in quick succession. She screamed again but this time it was different as an orgasm hit her body. She half expected it but it had been so long since she had been in this position that it still took her breath away. She heard him standing over her, watching, gauging her reactions. He stooped to look in her eyes. She stared straight back at him with defiance! He was breathing heavily too, a series of soft raspy growls.

The strokes, when they resumed they were harder than before. Must remember that she thought inwardly to herself as another orgasm hit her as hard as the cane was. His pace, more regular now was quickening. Then, quite out of the blue she heard a splintering sound followed by him cursing, the first words he’d uttered since the scene began.

She heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being undone…….her stomach summersaulted with excitement. She turned her head to watch him, an almost pleading look in her eyes. He saw this and gave a mocking smile. “Not this time” he muttered. “Time for my fun now”. She saw it again in his eyes. The were burning, not with anger but with a deep hunger.

He moved in behind her, spreading her thighs with his body. Still restrained and unable to move she gasped as he entered her and his bodyweight pressed down on her stinging ass. She noticed even through another searing orgasm how his voice had changed again. It was deep and gutteral and the most vocal he had been all evening.

His pace increased, her moans became louder. He grabbed a fist full of her long hair and yanked back her head and looked her in the eyes just as she felt his body stiffen.

He lay there for a second or two, the only audble sounds were the heavy breaths of them both. He then stood up and began untieing her. Once again his demeanour changed. He became very protective, almost tender. Carefully rubbing each part of her skin that had been bound before paying special attention to her striped backside.

He held her tightly. It was a wonderful respite but she was suddenly full of life and eager for more. Judging from his reactions too, she wasn’t the only one…..

F4TF #19-Size Matters?

If you have sex with men, how much does penis size matter?
If you are a straight guy, how do you feel about the size of your package? Has it ever been an issue for you?

It actually amazes me how the questions on here make me think. This question for example, quite hard *sniggers immaturely* to put into words.

I guess the whole does size matter question is more a question of preference in the same way it is with boobs etc. They all work the same, do the same job it’s more a case of some prefer bigger, some prefer smaller.

I generally never give my penis a second thought. Now I know some people may find that very hard to believe from any guy but it’s the truth. Never been one of those guys obsessed by their own bits! It’s just something that’s there, something I’ve taken for granted since birth.

As for the (dis)honourable member itself, what can I say? As far as I can gather it falls pretty much into the average length bracket. I say as far as I can gather because I’ve never actually taken out a ruler and measured it. Maybe slightly above average on the girth side but again I’m just surmising. In my experience, I think women tend to prefer girth over length anyway.

Looking at it from another perspective, I’m not sure that being any bigger or smaller would affect me as a lover. To me, my primary sexual organ has always been my brain anyway. It’s more about imagination and I suppose stamina. Would I get complacent if I was huge or work harder if I was somewhat smaller? Hard to say but I would certainly hope not

On reflection I have to say I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got. I’ve never had any partner gasp at it when first seen but by the same account the soul crushing, flaccidity inducing phrase “Is it in yet?” has also never been uttered in my presence! It’s never(praise the gods) yet let me down and has given many many hours of pleasure to me and a few others (hopefully). Long may it rise to the challenge!

Word for Wednesday (W4W) #62


My first time in W4W. I was writing another piece and there was a word that seemed to crop up a few times..

This week’s word is


1.without emotion; apathetic; unmoved.
2. calm; serene.

I find it quite an evocative word. It’s been used many times when describing me.

Most people, even friends I have known for 30+ years often describe me as impassive. Especially my face which to all but very few people on earth is pretty much unreadable.

It’s never been intentional, it’s not some mask I wear or a persona I’ve adopted. Perhaps it’s just my natural defence mechanism against the world.

Many would say I’m firmly in the former definition of the word. I however prefer to think I’m more in the latter.

Kink of the Week April 1-15: Glasses

“Men seldom make passes
at girls who wear glasses”  Dorothy Parker

I first heard that quote when I was young and to this day I’ve never quite understood it. To me, a pair of glasses on a beautiful woman enhances their beauty beyond belief!

It probably all comes down to my love and fascination with eyes. Even when I was young they have always held a special place for me. Without going into clichés, they really are the windows to the soul. People can hide body language but the eyes tell the story. It’s the way glasses seem to magnify and intensify the eyes that does it for me I think.

Also, the fact that different glasses change the entire look of the face, from smouldering to stylish, nerdy to stern to super intelligent depending on the frames. I have very fond memories of a former sub who had six different pairs, all of the same prescription. It was always a very great pleasure of mine to choose which pair she wore depending on my particular mood.

It’s hard to explain I guess. The thing that always gets me though is what I call “the look”. That moment when they glance over the top of the glasses. Gets me every single time and no matter my mood it takes me all my time to keep my mind on things. It really is my kryptonite!


Many thanks to the lovely Kat for her timely demonstration