Sinful Sunday 8-My Bloody Valentine


As his hand tightened firmly around the neck, he knew this years Valentine would satisfy his needs………

Sinful Sunday

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How can just one person

Cause so many feelings

How can just one smile

Fill a person with such joy

How can just one word

Cause so much confusion

How can moments so fleeting

Be so firmly embedded in the mind

How can a tide which constantly pulls together

Still be resisted

How can the truth be so overlooked so long

Without alcohol to loosen both tongues

How can time pass so quickly

Yet seem like a lifetime

How can self certainty

Sometimes be clouded with such doubt

How can inevitability

Always seem so far from now

F4TF #10-Limits

Sexual limits are not exclusive to the world of BDSM, so with that in mind…

Is there something, (or things), that you would absolutely say no to in a sexual context?

What are your limits? Are they hard? Soft?

Have your limits changed over time?

It may surprise people to hear a guy say this, but something I would say no to is bringing an extra person into the bedroom. Realised many many years ago I’m not a team player and always keep it strictly one to one. Let’s me focus my attention entirely on the one I’m with. Same goes for any sort of “open relationship”. It ain’t for me.

As for limits, my hard limits are few but pretty clearly defined. No toilet play…..Eww! Age play is another no-no.
Needle play is somewhere I never tread. Surprising thing is, considering I have many tattoos, I’ve never been comfortable around needles.
As for soft limits, I can’t really think of any. I guess that’s the nature of soft limits, in my mind they are for pushing anyway.

Have my limits changed? Yes I would say they have. With the exception of my hard limits I’ve always been open to trying new things and like to think I’m always evolving.