Sinful Sunday 7-Space


The gaping space at my feet, just waiting to be filled by you………

Sinful Sunday

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The face that swims in my dreams





In my dreams

As in waking moments

So utterly polarising at times

A source of torment, yet

Deep down always my safe place

Edge of darkness

It had been on her mind for what seemed like an eternity and she had to admit to herself, just thinking about it made her ache in a way she didn’t think possible. Could it really have only been a few days?

She vividly remembered the fear she felt when he lifted her blindfold the first time and she saw the glint of the blade for the first time in the dim light. Her blood ran cold and she was paralysed with fear. She saw the dark intense look on his face at her reaction. She tried to read it, she was quite good at reading his face but that look was beyond her. For a fraction of a second her reaction was to say their safeword but something stopped her.

Mixed with the fear something primal stirred within her. The excitement was overtaking the fear. As he pulled down the blindfold once more every nerve ending on her body was in full sensory overload.

Even being fully restrained she fought the instinct to move as she felt the cold steel touch her shoulder for the first time. She felt her breathing increase and the intensity within her increase as he moved the blade down to her chest. Her body started to shudder as she heard a metallic sound as the blade brushed against the piercing on her nipple. She bit her lip so hard to control herself, she knew all too well what would happen if she didn’t. “Good girl” he growled quietly as he moved the blade across her stomach.

Her body was screaming for release as she felt him trace what felt like words across the bottom of her stomach. She could almost feel his eyes burning into her, watching her every reaction. Just as she felt she could take no more he said the words she’d been waiting for “Cum for me now Kitten”.

She gasped as the powerful sensation hit her, intense and such a relief. Again she could feel his eyes on her, watching and admiring his dark handy work. Probably with a slight smug satisfaction on his face.

Even days later she was shocked by her reaction. She had confided in him and he had been at great pains to reassure her. If anything, the whole experience had built up an extra layer of trust in her for him.

So there she sat in her flat that evening awaiting his arrival. He had been his usual cryptic self but he promised he had a new little present for her. She knew exactly what she was hoping it was.

I Want It All

I crave your darkness

I crave your light

I crave your madness

I crave your calmness

I crave your vulnerability

I crave your strength

I crave your stubbornness

I crave your compliance

I crave your anger

I crave your peace

I crave your heart

Protected at all costs

I crave your body

My loyalty in return

I crave your soul

To embolden at all times

I crave all of you

All of me willingly given

I want it all

True faith

Two years passed

And still remains the same

Every little reminder still vivid

Every word still lodged in the mind

So much water flowed under the bridge

And yet the desire there no matter what

A drug more powerful than any

An addiction with no wish to cure

Boundaries non existent

Limits pushed beyond all comprehension

The fear that I’m too much

The thought I’m not enough

TMI Tuesday: January 12 2016

Love, Lust & Sex


1. Why do you fall in love?

Bloody hell, tricky opener! It’s only happened to me twice in my life, both with varying levels of intensity. I guess you just find that person you think about when you wake up, when you go to sleep and most of the time in between.

2. What makes you fall in lust?

Lust is easy………I’m male! A pulse will do nicely😉

3. If you are in a monogamous sexual relationship and your significant other has sex outside of your relationship, will you forgive them?

One of my few hard limits. There’s no way back from that as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never been one to share so do that and you’re gone.

4. What do you idolize?

I don’t think I idolize anything or anyone. I admire many people and things greatly but never idolized.

5. Where are your erogenous zones?

Apart from the obvious…… brain. Stimulate that and you’re on your way. My lips and neck, kiss and bite those and we’re definitely fucking!!

Bonus: What is the strangest or most unique thing you’ve tied someone up with or been tied up with? Why were you tied up?

Hmmm probably an ethernet cable. Hey, sometimes you just gotta learn to improvise on your rope work!

Not really into being tied myself so nothing to report on that one.



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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Ebb and flow

Can we ever quite figure it all out no matter how hard we try

Can we ever be in control of our destiny or is it all preordained

Does everything really happen for a reason or is it a our mistakes that shape it all

Do we ever truly learn or are we destined to repeat our errors till the end of days

Do happy endings and walking into the sunset only exist in the movies

Why do we spend so long dancing when we forgot to listen to the music

Can a person really change their stars or be forever cast as the dirty secret

Is there ever the shot at glory or is it just another bit part

How long can a hand be outstretched before it’s too tired to remain

Is there ever a way to move forward when you’ve no wish to forget the past

Shot in the dark

Firing blindly

No targets in line of sight

Collateral damage

Left trailing in my wake

Yet stubbornly refusing

To contemplate surrender

Instead fighting on

Last man standing


Battered and bruised

Even when facing

The almost inevitable conclusion

To go down in flames

Or to turn and fight another day

A sign of courage

Or the last stand of a fool