You could be mine

The craving

Like the air I breath

The need

The only thing to sustain me

The want

The constant companion

The desire

Never likely to fade

The untamed fire

Burning brighter than ever

To hold you

To caress you

To feel you next to me

To posses you

Body, mind and soul

My hand outstretched

Waiting to mark you as mine


A note from the past

Long forgotten by all

Suddenly flooding back

Such simple sentiments

So few words

Yet rekindling memories so strong

Of happier times

Of simpler times

Of fun

And of laughs

Of silly jokes

Of shared smiles

Of a time so long ago

In the end

One door closes

Another slams firmly in my face

Another wrong turn taken

The next road blocked

The last train from the station

Disappearing rapidly from the platform

The winning lottery ticket

Long since discarded

The right time arrives

The right time gone

The time for action

Long since passed

In the end

All just hollow words

The Real Me

I’m the guy you think you know

I’m the guy who doesn’t know himself

I’m the one you cannot miss

I’m the one you never see

I’m the facade that’s built from granite

I’m the soul that’s made of glass

I’m the snarling bear in the corner

I’m the rabbit in the headlamps

I’m the strong silent type you think

I’m the one who’s prone to ramble

I’m the educated fool or so you think

I’m the child-like simple creature

I’m the guy you want to fuck

I’m the one you can’t get close to

I’m the smiling clown or so you think

I’m the one whose mind is screaming

I’m the shallow one or so you’d guess

I’m deeper than an ocean

I’m an enigma, a mystery, a walking cliché

I am me