His instructions to her were, as always, short and simple……….be here at 8pm. He was a man of very few words at the best of times. His philosophy had always been why waste words when actions were far more effective.

Action, yes that was certainly what was on his mind. He hadn’t seen her for weeks. His princess, the woman whose body yielded to his every whim and desire, whose mind was even deeper than his own dark mind. No other soul seemed to come close to satisfying his mind and body so completely. Despite all that had passed between, despite the enforced periods apart, they were a good fit.

He sat smoking a cigarette, pondering the evening ahead. Visualising all he would do to her. He found himself smirking, his trademark knowing smirk. She would have said it was slightly sarcastic in it’s nature but she knew him well enough to know exactly what was on his mind whenever it appeared. It was usually her!

He picked up his phone and opened his messenger app. He started typing in detail exactly what she was in for this evening. Lots of words for him he thought, but it was worth the effort. He knew exactly what her reaction would be. He saw the little blue message read ticks and knew she’d be in the taxi right now reading this, her dark eyes fixed to the screen, her breathing shortening and probably blushing, ¬†knowing fine well he meant every single word of it. He loved to tease her at every opportunity.

It was just before 8 when he heard the taxi pull up outside his house. He stood behind the front door waiting, listening to the sound of her feet crunch on the driveway. She was about to knock as he opened the door and saw her for the first time in weeks. It took him a millisecond to run his eyes over her from top to toe. She was dressed as always very simply and casually. It’s how she felt comfortable. She didn’t need fancy clothes, she was beautiful, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and the most beautiful part was that she was his.

In one quick movement he grabbed her and pulled her inside the house. She gasped with surprise but didn’t resist in any way. Slamming the door shut with his free hand and then turning round, he pinned her arms against the wall above her head and kissed her. Not a slow passionate kiss. A kiss so deep powerful and animalistic. A kiss that said I crave everything about you. A kiss that said I want to possess and devour your very soul. This went on for several minutes, her soft moans becoming louder and her body becoming more limp as the intensity increased.

He broke off and bent down, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed with laughter as he did. He grinned to himself. She had always said when they first got together that she was too big for him to carry. He recalled the smug sense of satisfaction when he had proved her wrong!

As he walked up each stair, her perfect ass inches from his face, he slapped it hard with each step. 13 he thought in his head, my lucky number! Reaching the bedroom he laid her on the bed and admired her as he began to undo the buckle on his belt. He was in no rush now. They had all night and he was going to savour every second.

Climbing on the bed and pulling off her trousers he noticed she was commando…..good girl he muttered as slipped between her creamy white thighs and without waiting plunged his tongue between her shaven lips. Damn he’d almost forgotten how good she tasted as he explored every inch of her greedily. He could hear her panting and muttering as he forced his tongue deeper inside her. He felt her nails dig into his scalp and he knew she was close. He looked up at her, her back was arching and she was biting her lip as the first wave hit her. Not moving he continued greedily as she climaxed again and again.

He could wait no longer. He was ready to claim his prize and he craved her so badly he could feel his brain ache!  He slid deftly up her body before her last orgasm had a chance to subside and slipped easily inside her. His right hand gripped lightly on her neck, his left grabbing at that perfect ass to pull her even closer to him. He kissed her with such intensity that not only did her body shudder again but it actually took his breath away.

Instantly he was straight into a fast rhythm which her body, as it always did, matched to perfection. Joined perfectly, as one, nothing else in the world existed or mattered at this point. The pace increased and she became aware of the deep guttural growl starting to emerge from his throat. She knew they were both close. She could feel his hand tighten slightly on her neck and her fingernails instinctively dug into his ass as it hit her. This seemed to finish him too as with one final growl his body stiffened. The delicious sensation of him twitching inside her orgasming body was all she was aware of.

They lay still, locked together in mutual embrace. His hand now removed from her neck, he swept her long dark hair from off her face. He hovered over her, once again just admiring the beauty of her before planting a soft tender kiss on her lips. A kiss that said to her, you are wanted above all others. He smiled at her. They both knew this was going to be a good night.



I wonder if you still see this

I wonder if you know it’s still about you

I wonder if you can still see past my mask

You think it’s about me

It never was

You think I don’t know you hurt

It’s all I’ve thought about

I may have seemed selfish

My words fell short

It was always you

I was irrelevant

All selfish words

Were my pain showing

All impatience

Was my failure

Sorry, said so often

First by you

Mostly now by me

So inadequate

But meant completely

Hurts now to speak

Hurts more not to

Lose lose situation

But losing you not even an option

It’s not what we planned

It’s all changed

Some things never work out

You’re still you

I’m still me

Both broken

Both never quite complete

Both still us

Despite the misunderstandings

Despite the problems

The same people we always were

Despite the changes

Deep down never changing

It shouldn’t be hard

It isn’t for me

No hidden meaning

No subtweets

No nonsense

Just saying what I feel

Just my silly jokes

Just me

Just us


A comedy of errors

From the start

Though lacking all

Semblance of funny

Wrong place wrong time

Or even wrong lifetime

All that was needed

Was one truthful answer

All I required

Was to act when I should

All I required

Was to be me

Too late on all

The story of my life

Saving one

Losing myself in the process

Scared from day one to lose you

My worst fear ever confirmed

Now left with nothing

And no one

Even now the gulf

Seems to widen

Even friendship

Seems a distant hope



I miss your face
I miss those eyes
I miss your voice
I miss your filthy laugh

I miss the time we spent together
I miss the silly chats
I miss your silly phrases
I miss your weird sense of humour

I miss that smile
I miss the feelings we shared
I miss your company more by the hour
Most of all, I miss you