I wish I could have said all that’s in my head

But sometimes words simply don’t work

I wish you could know all you mean to me

But all too often lost in translation

I wish I had known then what I know now

But I can’t turn back the clock

I wish we could have done all we planned

But life just overwhelmed us

I wish we could still talk all day

But now two word sentences and distance

I wish I could keep you from my thoughts

But the image of you is always in my head

I wish we could have had more time

But nothing is forever

I wish I could lay the blame on you

But in my heart I know it was me

I wish I could be mad at you

But the opposite will always be true

I wish I could tell you it’s all your loss

But we both know it’s Ours

Que Sera Sera

Close the drawbridge

Rebuild the walls

Replace the smiling mask

Lock away the emotions

Never to see the light again

Impossible to move forward

Too painful not to

The mistakes

Of the things said wrong

Of too many unsaid things

Of too many undone deeds

Of things so powerful

Yet faded so fast

Soul near broken

Thoughts unknown

That haunt the waking mind

Pain fades

Becomes a dull ache

To become pain again

To be replaced by regret

Of my failure

Of what if

Of what was

Of what could have been

Another time

Another place

Another lifetime