It sucks becoming human doesn’t it?!

Been a while since I’ve written what could be termed as a normal blog post. Rather like many things in my life of late I could never in a million years have predicted the direction they would go.

I wrote a while ago in an early post how I seemed to be constantly evolving and I wasn’t the same person I was last year. Seems to be recently I am a different person every week!

You see I’ve always been a quiet, private person who kept his feelings and limited emotions to myself. Since most people looked at me and saw a dark brooding sort of guy then it was never a problem.

Recent events in my life have forced me to change the way I look at the world. Someone close suggested I’d finally become human at long last! While I’m not too sure about that I’ve certainly discovered a new side to me of late.

Emotions that I didn’t know I possessed, most good, some I could definitely live without! Being called charming and sweet, two adjectives that are not ever used to describe me!  

Having big decisions to make in my life and for once rather than trying to delay and hoping things will work themselves out, actually realising what is important to me and resolving to do something about it. Realising that someone in your life means more to you than anything and the thought of not having them in it fills you with dread. All in all, a new improved and emotionally more mature me.

So a new chapter of my life looks like it’s unfolding in front of me. Like most things in my life it’s probably not gonna be straightforward! Then again as someone once said, if it’s too easy, it’s not worth it.


Do you?

Do you think of me

When I think of you

Do you lie awake

When you visit my dreams

Do you hear my voice

When I whisper your name

Does your heart beat faster

When mine does

Do you feel empty

When we’re apart

Do you ever wonder

What could be