On the beach

It was a long way from the cold UK winter he thought to himself, several thousand miles and about 20 degrees warmer  to be exact!

They had wandered the beach together that morning until the came upon a quiet cove. There wasn’t another soul for miles and it was so picturesque that they decided to spend the day there.

Sun shining, sea sparkling as they  relaxed. He watched with proud admiration and slight smugness as she peeled off her summer dress to reveal her swimsuit. She was beautiful though she would never admit that to herself he knew. He was quite shocked when out of the blue she pulled down her top and lay down on the towel next to him. The hot sun is making her very daring he proudly thought to himself!

She decided to go for a swim and he sat watching her. He loved to watch her. The curve of her hips, the jiggle of her butt, it made him want her every time he looked at her. Putting those thoughts aside he started to doze as she slipped into the mirror calm sea.

How long had he slept? He had no idea. Could have been ten minutes, could have been an hour. He started to wake when he became aware of a strange sensation. Opening his eyes there she was. Her long dark hair brushing on his face, her dark mysterious eyes staring right into his. He became aware of another sensation, her hand was down his shorts and skilfully stroking his stiffening cock!

He didn’t waste a single second. He grabbed her and pulling her towards her kissed her. Not the quick urgent kiss he had intended but a kiss with such fire and intensity that he surprised even himself! She seemed to approve as she sunk her teeth into his bottom lip while letting out a very soft involuntary moan.

Quickly they pulled off what little they were wearing and lay down on the towel wrapped together. Arms, legs and lips intertwined in a writhing mass of desire and intensity.

Suddenly and without any warning she pushed him onto his back, pinning at the shoulders with both hands. He was taken aback but to far gone to even resist. She straddled him and lowered herself very slowly and deliberately onto his throbbing shaft. A mischievous glint in her eyes as she teased him, inch by inch until hgoing  fully inside her.

He was lying still pinned to the ground, unable(and unwilling) to move. She slowly started to grind her hips. She leaned down and kissed him. All the while her eyes never leaving his and her hips never moving from their rhythmic pace. He was hers as much as she was his and he knew she was going to extract every ounce of pleasure from both of their bodies.

Letting go of his arms she sat upright, her movements speeding up. His hands free now wandered over the curves of her hips, the soft delicate skin of her stomach and settled on her large firm breasts. His hips were now in perfect rhythm with hers.

Her nails were now raking at his chest as both of them became utterly absorbed in their own world. Nothing else mattered except pleasuring each other. Nothing existed beyond them.

Her back suddenly arched and her nails sunk into his flesh as the power of her orgasm hit her. He bit his lip hard as his own seemed to take control of him. Wave after wave crashing over them like the sea behind them until with one last moan her body collapsed on top of him totally spent.

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tighter than he ever had. She was his woman and he wasn’t letting go for anything.


Easy like Sunday morning

He was woken by a shout from the kitchen. “How the hell do you work this bloody coffee machine”. He smiled to himself as he pulled on his shorts and walked downstairs.

Standing at the kitchen door he surveyed the scene. His lady was wrestling with the coffee machine. She was dressed, much to his satisfaction in his old Whitesnake t shirt. There was just something so sexy he reflected, about your lady dressed just in your shirt. It was like some sort of badge of honour. Her long flowing hair cascading down the back and the fact that her perfect bubble butt was on display was just the icing on the cake.

He strode into the kitchen, grabbed her and spun her round. Pulling her towards him he kissed her hard, so hard in fact he felt her gasp and her body go limp for a second. God she was delicious! He felt himself harden and she clearly was aware as her hand wandered into his shorts and gripped him firmly.

Pulling the t shirt over her head, he admired her naked body in front of him. God she was beautiful, and she was all his. His shorts now round his ankles, he pulled her close again. Her hand wrapped tightly round his throbbing cock, his fingers gently probing the growing wetness between her soft thighs.

Soft moans escaping from both their lips. He pushed her against the cupboard and pinned her hard against it with his body. Kissing her hard again, he moved her legs apart as he entered her.

As he started to build up speed she wrapped her legs around his waist. Holding her butt cheeks firmly. There bodies crushed together in a passionate embrace of animal lust. Faster and faster, their moans increasing as the passion intensified. Her nails raking his back until they both could take no more. She bit his lip hard as they both came. His legs almost collapsing under his. Catching both their breaths as they steadied themselves.

He leaned over and kissed her gently. “Let’s get you that coffee now”. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.