A Christmas quickie

He was bored. He’d finished his 2nd cigarette and she was still in the shop. Shopping! Should be banned he thought to himself! He was considering taking himself to the pub when his phone beeped.

All of a sudden his mind was off the pub. On the screen was a picture his girl had sent him. A changing room selfie looking sexy as hell!  His mind was now firmly focused on that changing room inside the shop and his gorgeous girl inside it. So, after surreptitiously adjusting the ever tightening crotch of his jeans, he stroded inside the shop and made his way towards the changing area.

Though the shop was busy, the changing area was very quiet. He stood outside and in a very different voice said “everything OK in there madam?”  “Almost done” she replied, clearly mistaking him for one of the shop assistants. He took a deep breath. What he was about to do was crazy and more than a little dangerous but the idea was in his head now so no power on heaven or earth could stop him.

He barged in the door and in one swift movement grabbed her soft waist and pulled her against him. She almost screamed until she realised who was doing the grabbing. He kissed her hard and spun her round to face the mirrored wall of the cubicle.  One hand was already unbuttoning his jeans and the other was yanking down her panties. She was wearing her favourite black bra and pantie set and he noted with smug satisfaction how damp those panties felt already.

Using his foot, he moved her legs apart. Gripping her hips tightly he thrust swiftly inside her.  Another smug smile spread over his face as he noted the gasp she let out and watched in the mirror as she bit her lip hard. God, she was a naughty girl and she was all his!

Holding her even tighter he began to build up speed. Watching every movement of her beautiful face in the mirror as he did. Faster and faster until the cubicle walls started to shake. She started to wimper through her bitten lip, he felt her body convulse and he could take no more. He growled as his own orgasm overcame him.

Standing behind her, still buried in her, he looked in the mirror straight in her eyes. No words were needed. She blew him a kiss as he tidied himself and left the shop. Standing outside, waiting for her to finish his shopping, the smug smile came back on his face. What a lucky guy he was.


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