How was it for you?

So that’s it. Another year almost over. I hope, like me, you’ve come out of 2014 ahead. There’s been some pretty low points through the year but I’m very happy to say they have been greatly overshadowed by the good.

Anyway I digress. The main purpose here today is to say a huge big thank you to you all. I started this blog less than two months ago. Originally it was just another way for me to ramble and share my thoughts. I never thought for even a second it would take the direction it has. I never dreamed I’d be getting the number of followers and the number of views I have. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know that my words can entertain and in some cases maybe even arouse a little!

I just want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you. You’ve given me encouragement, belief and in some cases inspiration;)

Here’s to 2015, may it be filled with fun, happiness and good health for each and every one of you.

A Christmas quickie

He was bored. He’d finished his 2nd cigarette and she was still in the shop. Shopping! Should be banned he thought to himself! He was considering taking himself to the pub when his phone beeped.

All of a sudden his mind was off the pub. On the screen was a picture his girl had sent him. A changing room selfie looking sexy as hell!  His mind was now firmly focused on that changing room inside the shop and his gorgeous girl inside it. So, after surreptitiously adjusting the ever tightening crotch of his jeans, he stroded inside the shop and made his way towards the changing area.

Though the shop was busy, the changing area was very quiet. He stood outside and in a very different voice said “everything OK in there madam?”  “Almost done” she replied, clearly mistaking him for one of the shop assistants. He took a deep breath. What he was about to do was crazy and more than a little dangerous but the idea was in his head now so no power on heaven or earth could stop him.

He barged in the door and in one swift movement grabbed her soft waist and pulled her against him. She almost screamed until she realised who was doing the grabbing. He kissed her hard and spun her round to face the mirrored wall of the cubicle.  One hand was already unbuttoning his jeans and the other was yanking down her panties. She was wearing her favourite black bra and pantie set and he noted with smug satisfaction how damp those panties felt already.

Using his foot, he moved her legs apart. Gripping her hips tightly he thrust swiftly inside her.  Another smug smile spread over his face as he noted the gasp she let out and watched in the mirror as she bit her lip hard. God, she was a naughty girl and she was all his!

Holding her even tighter he began to build up speed. Watching every movement of her beautiful face in the mirror as he did. Faster and faster until the cubicle walls started to shake. She started to wimper through her bitten lip, he felt her body convulse and he could take no more. He growled as his own orgasm overcame him.

Standing behind her, still buried in her, he looked in the mirror straight in her eyes. No words were needed. She blew him a kiss as he tidied himself and left the shop. Standing outside, waiting for her to finish his shopping, the smug smile came back on his face. What a lucky guy he was.

Can’t keep away

It had been almost two weeks since she’d heard from him. He hasn’t messaged her or returned her messages.  The man who had occupied her mind and haunted her dreams had fallen off the face of the earth.

She had in this period run the full gamut of emotions. Was he playing it cool with her, not wanting to seem over keen? Had something bad happened to him? Had he had his way with her and cast her aside like some child bored with a toy. Concern had turned to anger. Despair had turned to sad resignation.  How dare you disappear from her life even quicker than he appeared!

She cursed herself for having all these thoughts but deep down she knew she was powerless to stop them.  In their brief time together he had taken her to places she had never been. He seemed to understand her to the extent that he was inside her head, watching, listening, controlling. A rugged mind reader who seemed to understand not only her mind but her body too. A man who understood and fed off her darkest most wanton desires and was only too happy to provide them for her. Dammit she thought, snap out of it. She was a grown woman, not some lovestruck schoolgirl. He was gone and it was time to move on. Another mistake in a long line of man related mistakes. She decided to head into town to cheer herself up.

It was still warm as he sat outside the pub sipping his rum. He hasn’t been himself of late and he had a fair idea why.  He had been avoiding her this past fortnight but there was no doubt she had stalked his thoughts for most of that time. There was just something about her.

It wasn’t the sex, as good as it was. It wasn’t the fact she was putty in his skilled hands, just the way he liked his women to be. No, there was something about this girl he couldn’t quite put his finger on. The fact was no matter how much in control he was, there was a defiance about her. The feeling that behind those dark eyes there was a fire burning. A fire he had rarely seen in anyone before.  It intrigued him, fascinated him and as much as he hated to admit it, scared him a little. Dammit, this girl was well and truly inside his head.

She didn’t recognise him at first. He was dressed quite scruffily in faded jeans and an old t-shirt. The main reason though was those striking eyes of his were covered by a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses. She stopped about 20 ft from him. He was deep in thought and hadn’t yet noticed her.  Her heart was pounding in her chest, a mixture of rage and desire, each one seemed to be fighting for superiority. She decided she was going to take the high moral ground and walk past him without even acknowledging his existence.  

She strode past him purposefully but made the mistake of looking at him as she past. At that instant he recognised her and made to stand. Anger flashed through her and with one swift movement dropped her shopping bags and slapped him across the face so hard it sent his sunglasses flying. They both stood there stunned, neither sure how to react.  He was so taken aback that he started to laugh. He didn’t mean to, it just happened.  Her reaction was to start raining blows down onto him with both hands.

Calmly, and to protect himself he grabbed her and pulled her close to him. She struggled violently but he held her firm and he kissed her. Not the deep powerful kisses they had been used to but a gentle soothing kiss. She bit him at first but he didn’t stop despite the blood now flowing from his lip. He felt her body relax slightly as her fury subsided. He released his grip on her arms. He looked into her eyes, there were tears there but so was the fire that he adored.

He took her hand and hailed a taxi. Barely a word had passed between them in the taxi. There was no need. His arm was round her, her head on his shoulder.  A closeness, an intimacy that they had never experienced.

For once, there was no rush. Animal lust had been replaced by a quiet intense passion.  Slowly and sensually they undressed each other, savouring every moment, every touch, every gentle caress.  

They made love that evening many times. Each time more intense than either of them had ever experienced.  By the time they finally drifted off to sleep in each others arms they were tired but were closer than they had ever been. Both of them knew a new chapter had just begun.

Love Bites


So while reading through various blogs on WordPress I came across several on the subject of My first time. Got me thinking and reminiscing………

Took me back to the heady days of my summer of love….or 1991 to most people! I was a long haired, bearded 16 year old rock God who was on the verge of changing the world. A leather clad voice of youth! OK, a long haired, bearded 16 year old with a guitar who thought he knew everything anyway!

I’d been going out with an older girl for a couple of weeks and things were progressing quite nicely on the snogging front but like every teen boy in history I was searching for the “holy grail”.  

So when opportunity arrived I was excited at the prospect and nervous as hell! Let’s face it, circa 1970’s copies of the “Joy of sex” are really not the best instruction manuals for Lurve! But hey, pre internet, it was the best I could find!

So it’s Saturday night and her parents are out for the evening.  I arrive prepared, beer, smokes and two condoms(cause you never know)!

The evening is going really well. Beer going down a treat, music in the background and I make my move. My fingers unsnap her bra(an older friend had told me that trick) and there’s no objections.  So pushing my luck, my hands move south to her belt. To my utter surprise, again no objections, in fact she started kissing me harder and fumbling with my belt!! Result!

Now bearing in mind this is 1991 so a problem exists………skin tight denim! I wish I could talk about a trouble free smooth, graceful and romantic removal of said clothing but in truth it must have looked like some terrible sitcom! But after much fumbling (and cursing) we arrived at the moment…..both naked in front of each other for the first time. I’ll never forget the sight of her in front of me naked for the first time.

Trying to control the urge to dive straight in, I pulled her onto the sofa on top of me and kissed her passionately. My hands running over her body as if they had to cover every inch of her skin. Turning her over, I got between her thighs and parted her lips(joy of sex tip). Every second spent there was more intense than the previous. The sight, the taste, the feeling it was a major sensory overload.

Trying desperately to look cool slipping on the condom and control my breathing was no mean feat!  Staring down at this beautiful 18 year old thinking about what I was about to do………I have replayed it many times in my head. Def Leppard’s Love Bites on the cassette deck as the moment happens, the promised land!

My head was spinning. I was aware of the music, our arms around each other, the look of passion in my girls eyes, the sounds we were both making and the sheer feeling of togetherness I felt. As for the actual sex, I remember very little. It could have been 2 minutes, it could have been 20! My head was just so full of all manner of emotions. I vividly remember us lying naked on the sofa afterwards smoking and just holding each other.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t change my first time for the world. I guess I can’t have been too bad as we dated for 6 months and that was the first of many together.

Just add suit

The current crop of “instant doms” all over the internet just now amuses me. You know the type I’m talking about, avi is almost invariably a suited picture or some sort of wolf picture. No doubt over the coming months many more instant Christian Grey’s will appear demanding to be called “sir” or “daddy”.

Now I by no means consider myself an expert on the subject. I know very well I still have a lot of tricks to learn. But as someone who has seen his fair share of D/s relationships over the years, here’s a few small tips for any budding Mr Greys.

Try learning something other than clichés. It’s all been done before, we’ve all seen it before. Sorry to burst your bubble on this one chap but you ain’t the first and you won’t be the last to trot out that tired line you thought would have your potential sub on his/her knees.

Try earning your title whatever it may be. ” I am (insert generic phrase here) and you will do as I command ” seems a popular one but in reality isn’t impressing anyone! He/she will call you your choice of title when you’ve earned it.

Above all though, the most important thing is, remember who is actually running the show. It’s hard, but rewarding work to earn the full submission of your sub. To do it properly can take a long time. All it takes though is just that one magic word from the sub and it’s game over!

Try remembering that next time you think you are in total control.