The Red Vee

He’d been away on business for nearly a week now and he was bored. Bored of work, bored of being “up north” and bored with the lack of action in this town. He took himself off to the pub. It was a Saturday afternoon so he decided to drink away his boredom.

Settling down in the pub, prospects for excitement didn’t look great.  There was a rugby match on and the place was deserted. He contented himself to another quiet night before he returned home to his more fertile hunting grounds.

The pub started to fill up and suddenly something caught his attention. She had long dark hair, dressed in a rugby top, St Helens judging from the red vee. She had the most delicious figure and when she turned round he noticed she had the sort of eyes that fascinated him. Dark and soft but with a hint of mischief in them. His prey had arrived and he was damn hungry.

He watched her, working out how to make his move. She turned round again and he held her gaze, a little longer than he expected. He continued to watch her, never taking his eyes off her. Every so often she tried to glance furtively in his direction. Every time she would catch his eye and blush. He knew she was his for the taking, he was now waiting for his moment to pounce!

He walked up behind her silently. She turned and gasped, her face flushed red. She made to speak but he simply touched his finger to her lips. She looked apprehensive, he simple leaned forward kissing her neck and whispered “come with me”. He reached out his hand and she took it. He could feel her trembling slightly and that just fired him up even more. He was going to enjoy this night.

As they climbed into the taxi he’d hailed the sexual tension between them was electric. Their lips and tongues were entwined and their hands were all over each other. Luckily his hotel was only a short distance away.

Once through the door of his hotel room his senses seemed to heighten as they always did at these moments. She seemed to sense this and froze for a moment and that was when he pounced. Before she quite knew what had happened she was naked on the bed with him firmly between her thighs.

As he buried his face he stole an ocassional glance at the soft outline of her curves, her stomach and breasts heaving as his well  God he desired this woman!

As her orgasm approached, with one swift movement, his body slid up her and with one rapid thrust he entered her and was rewarded with her body shuddering violently as her orgasm washed over her. He stared into her dark alluring eyes as her legs wrapped round his waist. As his pace increased he couldn’t help noticing small details about her, the glint in those eyes that hinted at something more, the way her long dark hair seemed to shine.

As her body shuddered once again, he moved quickly onto his back with her above him. Initially this seemed to take her by surprise but then something seemed to stir within her too.

She was now like a woman possessed, this sweet, slightly submissive girl was like a wild animal and he loved it! She leaned forward covering them both in that hair, her teeth sinking into his bottom lip as they both neared their shared goal. His hands were on her hips pulling her body onto his. He could taste the blood from his lip as her body once more started to tremble. He could contain himself no longer and he exploded inside her with a ferocity that took even him by surprise!

Catching their breaths she collapsed on top of him, both a heavy breathing mass of sweat, hair and lust. One thing was for sure, he’d remember this business trip for a long time


How can I?

How can I

Make you believe all I tell you

Prove that I am for real

Make you believe how beautiful you are

Prove you mean the world to me

Make you realise how perfectly imperfect you are

Make you realise what’s in your heart

How can I make you mine?

Heat of the day

It had been several days now since he had visited her.  It all seemed now like a very vivid erotic dream. In fact if it wasn’t for the marks covering her neck, shoulders and breasts she was trying so desperately to conceal from the world, she would have been quite sure she had dreamt it.

So even at work, as she sat in front of her computer and answered the phone, her mind wandered constantly back to that passionate animalistic night. She had never yet gazed on his face properly, only in pictures in her mind and in the pale darkness of the night. Every motorbike that passed her in the street, every bearded stranger made her heart flutter for a second wondering if it was him.
She had just finished a call with a particularly awkward customer when an internal message popped up on her screen

      Please come to Conference room 2

The message was unsigned but could only have come from someone in management. She was worried. What had she done to deserve such an abrupt summons? She tidied herself, closed down her computer and made her way to the lifts.

She arrived to find the door ajar. She knocked but there was no answer. She decided to wait inside. As she stared out of the window she heard the sound of the door being closed and locked she turned and gasped. There standing a few feet from her was the man she had spent so many hours thinking of.

She stared at him for the first time in the cold light of day. He was a tall, well built man.  Bearded and ruggedly masculine rather than handsome, his eyes where a piercing blue. They seemed to look straight into your very soul. They gave his face a kind look but at the same time hinted at danger.

Unable to move or even speak as he held her in his gaze, he walked towards her and without a word grabbed her round the waist and kiss her so firm and deeply that her breath seemed to stall and her legs felt as if they would buckle under her. She knew once more she was under his spell without him even saying a word.

He lifted her clean off her feet and laid her gently on the table which dominated the room. In one swift well practised move he removed her panties and parted her thighs before burying his face between them.

Almost at once she felt her body start to shudder. She was angry with herself for having so easily fallen under his spell but was overcome once again with the sort of deep animal lust he seemed to bring out in her. Her back arched wildly as his well practised tongue worked it’s magic and seemed to reach inside her and touch her very core.

Lost in her own world she barely noticed as he moved his body on top of hers. He kissed her very tenderly but firmly as he entered her. She gasped once again as he did. His hand firmly on her throat as the table started to shake violently under the weight of their passion.

Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her as he expertly controlled her body, his hand still firmly on her throat and her completely at his mercy. Stifling her screams now, as a gutteral growl was rising from him. She knew they were both close. With one last growl from him their bodies surrendered one final time. Breathing heavily they sagged on the table.

She looked into his eyes, they betrayed very little but she swore she saw a mischievous twinkle there as he kissed her and left. She tidied herself once again and returned to work. Her whole body and mind still swimming with the thoughts of her mysterious man.

To be continued……..

Still of the night


It was 3am on a muggy summer night. He parked his motorcycle several streets away so as not to disturb her. Lighting a cigarette, he walked quietly yet purposefully, a predator stalking his quarry. Stopping nearby, he watched her house for signs of life. All was quiet. Crushing his cigarette under foot he made his move.

Removing her key from where she always kept it he crept silently into her house. His senses heightened with anticipation to the point that every movement, ever sound was like an electric shock through his body.

Removing his leathers he crept into her room. He paused at the doorway, admiring her gently slumbering form. There was no rush. He was going to savour every part of his prize. She was his and he was in no rush.

Silently he made his move, slipping beneath the sheets. She barely missed a breath as he took his position beside her.  Admiring the curves of her body as she slept. She was his now. It was destiny.

She turned around, opened her eyes and froze. He mouth opened as if to scream but he placed a finger on her lips. She was trembling. He wasn’t sure if it was fear or anticipation of what was to come.

“What are you doing here?”
she gasped when she regained a little composure. “I have waited long enough” he growled. “I’m here to claim what is MINE”. He grabbed both her wrists and pinned her to the bed with his body. She briefly resisted before her body gave an involuntary sigh. He knew then she was truly under his spell.

He hovered above her, staring into her eyes and admiring every inch of his prize. “You are mine now” he growled.
The atmosphere between them was electric. They had waited a long time for this moment. His mouth was now so attached firmly to her neck she was crying out. She surprised herself with the noises she made. Pleasure and pain washed over her in equal measure.

He could wait no longer. The time for gentle lovemaking was not now. Her arms still pinned he moved between her legs and with one swift movement entered her firmly. She bucked furiously as her orgasm overcame her.
He let go of her arms and pulled her body to him. Fast and furious was the order of the day. They had waited to long for it to be anything other.
The pace quickened as the room became a flurry of growls and screams. His teeth leaving their mark and her nails doing the same.
When both bodies could take no more, release came and both collapsed in an exhausted heap.
They stayed wrapped together till sleep overcame them.

To be continued……….

Never judge a book by its cover

A recent conversation with friends reminded me of that quote. Many look at me and see a big confident outgoing guy. Always happy and mostly without a care in the world.

Inside though…………….the stupid grin is covering a multitude of sins. Insecurity, uncertainty and even a touch of jealousy rear their ugly and confusing heads, sometimes all at once and the once clear waters become muddied.

Appearances can be deceptive, everyone is fighting their own battles

Most of all I will not grow up!

Those words blared through my earphones today and got me thinking.

Obviously one can never avoid growing older but is it possible to avoid “growing up”? I’ve always classed myself as an eternal teenager but of course there comes a point when you can’t even fool yourself anymore that that’s the case. You have responsibilities, your body can’t take the partying the way it used to and of course your emotions are different.

Emotions, yes that thing that by the time you get to my age you’re supposed to be in control of! Just when you think you’ve got a handle on life, up it pops and throws a spanner into the works.

Someone very dear to me once said she wasn’t the person she was a year ago. I sometimes wonder if I’m the same person I was a week ago!

The long voyage of self discovery continues I guess.


I’ve never been the most open of people. I’ve never been the sort of guy who talks about himself at any length. Never been quite sure whether it’s some kind of modesty or just the fact I bore myself to death at times!

Part of my reason for doing this blog was to try and share my thoughts and experiences. I’m discovering that not only am I struggling to talk about myself in anything other than the third person, I’m becoming a super critic of my own work!

At the time of writing this, I currently have six other pieces of work in various states of readiness! Best get working!

Life before twitter

I’ve been around twitter on and off now for around 5 years. Initially wandering in occasionally to have a look(perv) and then on a more permanent basis. Recently I started thinking……..what did I do with my time before twitter?

As the time has passed I’ve found myself more and more immersed in it.  Not only in the more obvious delights of the naughtier side, but also interacting with people. People who have become more than just followers. People who have become friends, confidants and at times a source of inspiration and joy. Sharing everything from happy chat to problems and more than a few saucy chats!

So is it all a glorious waste of time? Does it represent a breakdown in traditional social interaction? Is it just harmless escapism from the drudgery of modern life?

For me it’s probably a little bit of all of those things. As someone who is an avid people watcher there are few places where you can see such a diverse group of people in such close proximity. Long may it continue