TMI Tuesday: March 24, 2020

So many questions. Welcome to TMI Tuesday blog.

Anyone know what this is?

1. Who are you really?

I am an enigma wrapped in a mystery and glazed with a wee touch of deja vu

2. Are you better at starting or destroying relationships? Why do you think this?

Oh my! History would suggest destroying. I’ve been in a few, only one has really counted as in love. I managed to destroy that. My arrogance killed that. Draw your own conclusions.

3. What is the biggest doubt you have?

In fairness this is my biggest strength and my biggest fail. I have no doubts. This is indeed my greatest strength and my most abject failure.

4. Tell us the name of 3 best programs (TV, movie) that you have watched since being side-lined due to coronavirus lock-downs, quarantines, etc.

I have a ‘key job’ so atm I’m not isolating. I am however watching many Youtube vids. Many motorcycle, music, guitar and music recording things.

5. What product do you think the world could do without?

Electric cars but more importantly, electric bikes! Talk to me when we have a viable alternative. until then…..

Bonus: If you died today, how would you be remembered?

Oh that’s deep!

Well to be fair, I doubt anyone would remember me!

I hope I’m remembered as a man who never told a lie or never cheated

I hope they all remember a big daft guy who tried his best never to hurt anyone.


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The warm burning sensation washes over
Seductive, alluring, charming and confusing
The lie briefly believed
Be careful who you trust
The devil was once an angel
Trying to convince that all is forgotten
Senses, awareness enhanced beyond imagination
Everything flooding back in 4K detail
Until the blessed moment
It fully takes hold
And oblivion arrives once more

Back to the cave

The sense of deja vu
Several times over
But even more intense
Feeling nothing but numbness
The old cold impassive self once more
But with an Achilles heel
The source of strength
Always an exception to the rule
The soul completely gone
The body intact
Too stubborn
Or too stupid
To know when
Or even know how to quit
Once extraordinary has been tasted
Ordinary holds no interest
Never one to accept silver
All, knowing nothing else
Can ever compare
All, knowing full well
The outcome is forever written
Fates inevitably forever intertwined
Till then, lock it all away
Drink it away
Back to the cave
Become the island once more


I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you weren’t perfect and so I loved you even more 🖤

Credit for original words by Angelita Lim


When you’ve nothing left

You’ve nothing left to lose

Drink it all away

And block every response

Press the fuck it button so many times

Until the mind finally combusts.

Have you ever seen the rain

Regret from things

Left unsaid and done

Haunted in the nighttime

By the ghosts of the past

The demons that never sleep

No matter how much we slay them

Love still Bru’s everything

Jack and Sally always

The future is yet unwritten

Ultimately because

Quaedam enim in sempiternum